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John Vandenberg, president of Wikimedia Australia in the 2010-2013 committees, and treasurer 17 March-23 November 2013.

John & Siska, Creative Commons Asia-Pacific Conference 2012.

John Vandenberg manages data analysis and strategy in the Research Services Directorate at the University of New England in regional New South Wales, where he has been employed since October 2008. John has a graduate diploma from the Queensland University of Technology, and has worked as a network and software engineer as well as lecturing in IT at TAFE and private colleges.

Before becoming involved in Wikimedia, John was an open-source developer. He has contributed to projects such as Mozilla web browser, Apache Portable Runtime, Open Office, Bugzilla, and quilt. In 2006 he shifted focus from open source to open content, becoming an administrator on the English Wikipedia, Wikisource and Wikimedia Commons projects by 2008. He served on the interim and inaugural Wikimedia Australia committee from May 2008–November 2009, and on the English Wikipedia Arbitration Committee of 2009 and 2011.

In 2012 John married Siska Doviana (Chair of Wikimedia Indonesia).

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I've also written four English Wikinews bulletins, two relating to Australian topics:

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