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Policy Statement

Wikimedia Australia regards the dignity and autonomy of all people as a core value of the organisation. Bullying behaviour is based on the misuse of power in human relationships, and negates the dignity and autonomy of its victims.

Wikimedia Australia regards the health and safety of its volunteers as a primary responsibility. Bullying can affect health and wellbeing. Wikimedia Australia also recognises that every volunteer and member of the association has the right to engage with the Wikimedia movement in a manner free of harassment.

Wikimedia Australia is fully committed to eliminating, as far as possible, all forms of bullying and harassment within the organsiation through a culture of openness, support, and accountability.


Unreasonable behaviour is behaviour that is offensive, humiliating, intimidating, degrading or threatening. It includes, but is not limited to,

  • Verbal abuse
  • Initiation pranks
  • Excluding or isolating members or volunteers
  • Giving a person the majority of an unpleasant or meaningless task
  • Humiliation through sarcasm, or belittling someone’s opinions
  • Constant criticism or insults
  • Spreading misinformation or malicious rumours
  • Displaying written or pictorial material which may degrade or offend certain persons
  • Making vexatious or baseless criticisms or complaints

Bullying is repeated, unreasonable behaviour directed towards a person or group of persons. It includes behaviour that could be expected to intimidate, offend, degrade, humiliate, undermine or threaten.

Repeated … behaviour refers to the nature of the behaviour, not the specific form of that behaviour. "Repeated unreasonable behaviour" may thus be a pattern of diverse incidents.

Harassment is repeated behaviour that disturbs, upsets, annoys or offends. For the purposes of this policy it also includes sexual harassment.

Obligations of Members

Members of the Association are required to abide by the following:

  • Refrain from engaging in harassment and bullying of other members of the association, including members of the management committee
  • Refrain from engaging in harassment and bullying of persons associated with partner organisations or the wider Wikimedia movement
  • Be aware of steps available to resolve conflicts within the organisation, including dispute resolution

Obligations of the Management Committee

Members of the Management Committee are required to:

  • Commit fully to developing an organisation free of harassment and bullying
  • Adhere to all obligations expected of members of the Association
  • Respond promptly to allegations of harassment or bullying within the organisation
  • Ensure that those accused of harassment or bullying are afforded due process and natural justice
  • Take whatever steps are necessary to resolve substantiated cases of bullying or harassment

Period of review

This policy is to be reviewed six months after adoption and annually thereafter.

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