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Here is my campsite with Priscilla, Queen of the Wiki, in the Sturt National Park "under the shade of a coolibah tree". This was during the Charles Sturt collecting trip.
Priscilla, the wiki-ru, at Greta, Victoria while getting photos for Ned Kelly articles.
Priscilla at Forbes Cemetery during a Ben Hall collecting trip.

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I am an administrator, oversighter and checkuser on the Simple English Wikipedia. I enjoy writing with the challenge of using Simple English. I worked with students with learning disabilities for more than 30 years. I have a special interest in adding Australian pages and content to the Wikipedia. I have lived in regional Victoria for most of my life, but I really enjoy getting away and camping in the outback. I also take lots of photos of important Australian places and upload them to the Wikimedia Commons. I have included a few on this page. I have thousands more which I have not yet uploaded so if you can't find what you need just ask and I might have it. Or I might even go and take one especially.

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