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Report on Wikimania 2012

(lists are in chronological order)

Presentations given:

Meetings and formal side-events participated in:

Formal GLAM activities attended:

I can't specifically recall which conference sessions I attended - suffice it to say, a lot! I also met up with each of the other Australian attendees at least once each and made sure to liaise with them in case I could make any introductions based on their interests.

I participated in many, many discussions (both during interactive sessions as well as in corridors or over lunch/dinner) - primarily about the future of GLAM and Chapters. I also participated in one recording of a "wikipedia weekly" podcast[1]. Several presentations by others were followups on projects I initiated as GLAM fellow - including "GLAM-Wiki toolset, state of GLAM-wiki in the US, GLAM professionals panel - and as such I participated in the respective Q&A sessions.

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