WOMEESA Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon

WOMEESA Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon
An edit-a-thon to increase the number of articles about Earth Science women in Australasia
Let's increase the visibility of our incredible Earth Science women in Australasia!

The WOMEESA network is organising its second Wikipedia edit-a-thon, where we will meet and work together to create, edit and improve Wikipedia pages of notable women in the field of Earth and Environmental sciences in Australasia.

Wikipedia is the 5th most visited website globally, yet few women scientists have a stand-alone Wikipedia profile page. Less than 20% of all Wikipedia profile pages are of women, and only 15-20% of Wikipedia editors are women.

Aligned with WOMEESA's mission, the goal of this edit-a-thon is to increase the number of Wikipedia pages and improve current Wiki pages for present and past notable women in Earth and Environmental Science in Australasia. For that, you can:

- Improve an existing article - Write a new article - Do some research - Expand a stub article

Don't worry if you are new to Wikipedia; we are all learning to do this together!

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