WikiCite virtual conference: Research output items

WikiCite virtual conference: Research output items

As part of the annual Wikicite conference series, we are organising a session in an Australia-compatible timezone focused on research output items including journal publications, grey literature, datasets, and the citation network.

Region: National
Location: Online

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Keywords: WikiCite


Hosted by Thomas Shafee and Alex Lum

  • Collaborative curation via Wikidata: the case of citations and source metadata / Daniel Mietchen
  • Populating Wikidata with articles and authors: a how-to / Margaret Donald
  • The challenge of institution-published ‘grey literature’ / Amanda Lawrence
  • What other metadata could be made open about a research publication? / Thomas Shafee
  • Entity Explosion / Toby Hudson
  • Attendee count: unknown
  • Cost to Wikimedia Australia: no cost

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