WikiClubWest digitization kit

File:WikiClubWest digitisation kit.jpg
The scanner in use, working on some photos of the 1926 Fremantle railway bridge.

The WikiClubWest digitization kit is a set of equipment that's available for WMAU members in Western Australia to borrow for the purposes of digitizing materials for uploading to Wikimedia Commons.

To use the kit, you must

  1. be a WMAU member;
  2. take care of the equipment; and
  3. upload some of the resulting files to Wikimedia Commons.


File:Epson V850 Pro.jpg
The WMAU scanner.

1 x Epson Perfection V850 Pro.

Lights and stands

File:Aputure HR672C LED light on a stand.jpg
We have two of these.

2 x Aputure HR672C LED lights with batteries, mains power supplies, remote controls, spare LEDs, and mounts for stands.

2 x Jinbei 2600FB light stands.


All files should be uploaded to subcategories in the WikiClubWest digitization category on Commons (as well as whatever other categories are appropriate), and use the {{WikiClubWest digitization}} template.

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