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WikiCon 2023 will be held in Brisbane on 18 November 2023. The program covers topics of interest for beginners to experts. You'll hear about some of the exciting developments, tools and projects that our Australian community are undertaking on Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, Wikisource and other wiki platforms.


Alex Lum

Alex Lum has been an editor on Wikipedia since 2005 and an since 2008, he is also a prolific contributor to Wikidata and OpenStreetMap. He has a background in computer science and data analytics, and is currently working in statistics, data science and visualisation in the higher education sector.

Sessions: Working with wikidata, including updates from WikiCon 2023

Amanda Lawrence

Amanda Lawrence is a research fellow at RMIT University in Melbourne and has also worked as a librarian and project manager in the public policy and GLAM sectors. She is interested in furthering open research and knowledge commons as well as contributing to Wikipedia and community engagement.

Sessions: Amanda is one of the MCs for WikiCon 2023

Annie Reynolds

After attending the USYD Wikibomb in 2014, Annie writes about Aussie women and contributes to the Australian literature project. Her work on Wikidata began via Women in Red. Now she enjoys improving Wikidata by adding awards, identifiers and references and disambiguating and merging people.

Sessions: Brief demo of two of my favourite Wikidata scripts (Identifier input + More identifers) & how I use Wikidata constraints reports to improve QIDs

Belinda Spry

Belinda is a qualified professional with over 25 years in Training, Libraries and Education. As a librarian and educator she has long-held beliefs and interests in the open knowledge movement. Belinda has spent the past 15 years working in the not-for-profit sector.

Sessions: Belinda is one of the MCs for WikiCon 2023

Elliott Bledsoe

Elliott Bledsoe is the Copyright Officer at the Australian Digital Alliance (ADA) and the Australian Libraries and Archives Copyright Coalition (ALACC), Co-lead of the Creative Commons Australia chapter and an ordinary member of the committee of Wikimedia Australia.

Panel: Wikimedia and knowledge equity advocacy - copyright, open access and other issues

Emily Mierisch

Emily lives and works on Gadigal Land (Sydney), where she currently coordinates the volunteer program at the State Library of New South Wales. Emily has a background in fine arts with significant experience within international galleries, libraries and museums.

Sessions: Emily is one of the MC's for WikiCon 2023

Ginny Barbour

Ginny Barbour is Editor-in-Chief of the Medical Journal of Australia, Director of Open Access Australasia, and an adjunct Prof at QUT. She was one of the three founding editors of PLOS Medicine. She's interested in how open science, metrics, reproducibility, research quality and culture intersect.

Panel: Wikimedia and knowledge equity advocacy - copyright, open access and other issues

Jeremy Ludlow

Jeremy is a resident of Perth. Since 2009, he has been an editor of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. In that time, he has created more than 1,000 Wikipedia articles and uploaded more than 10,000 images to Wikimedia Commons. He has also worked as a lawyer but is taking a break at present.

Sessions: Wikimedia Commons

Kelly Tall

Kelly is a data visualisation designer and is the secretary of Wikimedia Australia.

Sessions: Data visualisations with Wikidata and beyond

Kerry Raymond

Kerry has contributed Queensland history and geography content to Wikipedia and Commons since 2005. She provides training and assists GLAM partners. She has been a Wikipedian in Residence and served on the WMAU Board. She generates Wikipedia content from open data using Python.

Sessions: An introduction to Pattypan for bulk uploading of photos by GLAM partners where the images are already catalogued. Tips and tricks!

Margaret Donald

Wikimedian since 2017; Made 694, 510 edits: 620833 in Wikidata; 21676 in commons; 41046 in enwiki. Works mainly in Wikidata and Wikicommons. Main contributions in biota (authors, taxa). Ran WLE Australia 2021, 2022.

Sessions: Korean Wikidata

Paul Duchesne

Paul was the Wikimedian-in-Residence for the recent partnership between WMAU and ACMI where he worked to link ACMIs collections with Wikidata. He has been interested in federating film data from different institutions since around 2019, when he became involved in the FIAF Linked Open Data Task Force.

Sessions: The ACMI WMAU Partnership on Wikidata

Sam Wilson

Sam Wilson is a software engineer from Fremantle, Western Australia. He's been a volunteer Wikimedian since about 2010, and works mainly on Wikisource, Commons, and Wikidata. Since 2016 he's worked for the WMF, on the Community Tech team, and has also served on the WMAU committee.

Sessions: An introduction to Wikisource, and brief overviews of Phabricator and Toolforge

Simon Loffler

Simon Loffler enjoys equality, software, film, electronics & space. He is a creative technologist at ACMI & New Internationalist magazine, and was a founding member of MOD. and Hackerspace Adelaide.

Sessions: The ACMI WMAU Partnership on Wikidata

Tom Hogarth

Tom lives in Perth, Western Australia. He has been an office bearer on the committee in a number of positions. Has lived and worked in Java, Indonesia, Tasmania and Sydney.

Sessions: Understanding maintenance editing: water in the engine, oil in the radiator? and playing with Wikipedia game

Trish Hepworth (TBC)

Trish is the Director of Policy and Education for ALIA, in which role she is overseeing the Association’s Professional Pathways Initiative. She is passionate about the role of libraries in changing lives.

Panel: Wikimedia and knowledge equity advocacy - copyright, open access and other issues

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