WikiTowns QR codes

WikiTowns QR codes learning story

What problem is addressed?

A technical issue has been identified that requires a solution to rescue the WikiTowns project.

How is it being addressed?

The total views for the Toodyaypedia WikiTown project during the last six months have totalled over 740,000*.

However, since November 2018 a technical issue has been reported that is negatively affecting this project. Phabricator: outlines the technical issue.

Ongoing investigation is required, and there is a risk that WMAU may need to replace existing QR plaques and create redirect articles. The impact of this issue is that it is delaying our work at this stage of the WikiTowns revival program and creation of additional WikiTowns, including intended funding, has had to be delayed, though content preparation content work is still ongoing.

Toodyaypedia Viewing stats via GLAMorgan

Month Views
December 2018 105,450
November 2018 147,606
October 2018 118,116
September 2018 145,168
August 2018 124,498
July 2018 101,833
TOTAL 742,671

What is the learning?

One of the key learnings from this episode is the need to maintain relationships with partners and be responsive to their needs.

The upgrade to a Wikidata service was started by WMAU in 2016 to address a number of issues in response to discussion at Wikimania in London 2014. In 2017 the Free Knowledge portal was completed. WMAU applied for funds within the sAPG to have it incorporated but after discussion it was suggested that it not be funded.

Lesson here is that WMAU needs to improve its communication of needs so that priorities and issues get addressed. This will need some funding in the near term to progress to a resolution and maintain WMAU relationship with multiple partners, bonus it will help all the other QR projects around the world deal with typeface issues.

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