Wiki Club West 2021

Date: 2021-01-17
Applicant: Tom Hogarth
Amount requested: $1,500
Status: Draft
Outcome: This application has not yet been discussed at a Committee meeting.


Wiki Club West Events in the first and second half of 2021.

The events require fares and payments. The events would be open to current members of WMAU. The events would involve a mixture of photography, documentation, and verification of information available. In some cases, interviews or capturing of information from people willing to be involved.

The events would require preparation and in some cases pre-event activity that would be not part of the funded events, to check on the fuctionality of the events having a good basis in being in place within the WMAU mission.

The events organised (as opposed to simple social events with focus or scope) in the past that have been conducted by WMAU in Perth, or by Wiki Club West in the past have included:

Bus Trip to Toodyay to be involved in an editathon at the Toodyay Library
Boat Trip around Fremantle Harbour
Photographic outings Wiki Takes... capturing places and things likely to change due to new developments

In the case of the examples given above, improved content on english wikipedia and wikidata, additional material in the photographic collection on commons.

The locations and dates of the events have not been finalised, but the proposed events might include:

(day trips would include substantial if not total contribution to fares)

  • Day trip to Rottnest to update and improve content in commons, data and english wikipedia
  • Day trip to Nungarin or a similar location in the wheatbelt where multiple heritage properties are located and inadequately recorded or documented
  • Day trip to the Avon Valley with possible inclusion of York, Northam and Toodyay as stopping points

Wikipedia promotion - either stalls or displays at third party events

Equipment, and general materials have already been acquired through this programme, they would continue to be used for the events

  • Parking fees and or transport costs where beyond easy access
  • Incidental costs arising from attending events


  • to organise, support and participate in educational and social events that promote the development of wikipedia (modified from 'free cultural works'

The events are very specifically focused upon the promotion and increased awareness of the wiki club west community here in Western Australia - the largest state of Australia, and any event organised by wiki club west would involve opportunities to promote knowledge and understanding of the capacity of the local and national organisation to facilitate further knowledge of and involvement in wikipedia

The criterion of success of the events is the close monitoring of material uploaded or added directly related to events - such as pageviews, and other metric based evalutions.

Participation is another important criterion - the number of people, and the amount of material created or added - where the materials are specifically tied to the subject/focus of the event.

Most editors who have been involved in events in the past have been experienced editors, with substantial edits in wikipedia projects. In the event of publicity around the events in 2021, new editors who are prepared to be involved would have their membership subsidised by wiki club west in the event of proven and valid participation in the events by photographs and or contribution in wikiprojects.

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