Wikipedia Banner

Date: 2019-10-23
Applicant: Gnangarra
Amount requested: $79
Status: Approved (2019/10/30)
Outcome: Meeting at which this application was discussed: Approved via email


Reusable item for improved visability of WikiClubWests & WMAU connection to Wikipedia during events. as per recommendations of , specifically We had very prominent Wikipedia branding, it is the brand everyone knows and it attracts people. We found this to be much more successful than presenting Wikimedia

Asset required for Have A Go Day November 13, 2019

Large X Banner Matte polyester finish, lightweight designed for both indoor and temporary outdoor use. Banner to display File:Wikipedia-logo-v2-en.svg cost based on Officeworks online order for pickup Note: As designed by Alex: This request is for the Committee to order the item from Cannington Officeworks and WikiClub West to arrange pickup.


This item will not by itself contribute to WMAU's mission nor will there be a way of measuring any specific success directly from it. The item is for branding purposes to create a ready identification of what we do.

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