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Rainbow Editathon, 15 June 2019
Edit-a-thon for women in health and medical research, 25 July 2019 →

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Wikipedia Edit-a-thon for women in health and medical research

Location: Sydney

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Would you believe that the 5th most visited website in the world, Wikipedia, has a serious gender bias? Only 17% of the people profiled on Wikipedia are women. Not only does this mean that many talented women (and their work) are not getting the recognition they deserve, but it also critically skews perceptions about the contributions that women make to many different endeavours. This is no doubt influenced by the fact that only 8-16% of the people who actively contribute content to Wikipedia identify as women.

Join Franklin Women on Thursday 25th July (the birthday of our namesake, Rosalind Franklin) to make the internet just that little bit better. Together we can increase the visibility on Wikipedia of women who have made important contributions to the health and medical research sector, as well as increase the number of women who have the skills to become Wikipedia editors.

Editing Wikipedia might sound daunting but the platform is designed so that anyone can contribute, and you can do this in many different ways – from improving the quality of existing articles to adding a whole new page. To help you on the day, we will start the afternoon with a tutorial and there will be several experienced Wikimedians there for when you start editing. After the session we will be celebrating our edits over canapés and drinks – we hope you can stay!
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