Wikipedia and/as Data 2024

What is Wikipedia’s relationship to data? What should Wikipedia’s relationship to data be?
, Ali Smith.

On 19 June 2024, the 2024 wikihistories symposium will gather together social scientists, humanists, critical technologists, and others to investigate Wikipedia’s connection to data and the importance of this relationship for the global information ecosystem and the production of knowledge.

The 2024 wikihistories symposium is co-located with ICA Gold Coast and brought to you by the wikihistories project at the University of Technology Sydney in partnership with the Centre for Media Transition, the ARC Centre of Excellence in Automated Decision-Making and Society (ADMS+) and Wikimedia Australia.

Participants will be invited to share short presentations and to participate in discussions focused on the questions “What is Wikipedia’s relationship to data?” and/or “What should Wikipedia’s relationship to data be?” Participants will also agree to read a few background papers prior to the gathering. The workshop will result in a collaborative document that maps out possible areas for researching these questions from a sociotechnical lens and the option to continue the collaboration post-symposium.

Deadline for submissions: 15 February 2024


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