Worlds of Wikimedia 2019

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Photographs on Wikimedia Commons: Worlds of Wikimedia 2019

The Worlds of Wikimedia Conference theme was 'communicating and collaborating across languages and cultures'. The conference was held 2-14 June 2019 at the University of Sydney, Camperdown, New South Wales, and was a partnership between Dr Frances Di Lauro, Department of Writing Studies, and Dr Bunty Avieson, Department of Media and Communications, and Wikimedia Australia.

Wednesday 12 June 2019 Opening Event

In Conversation: Martin Dittus, Jaky Troy and Annamarie Jagose

Cultural power in the online world: Are we being skewed

How does language determine what we know or how we experience the world? As the online realm increasingly converges with our offline experiences, it raises an important question: whose knowledge dominates these new spaces? Whose voices are missing, and what are the consequences of these inequities?

Audio of Martin Dittus talk on SoundCloud recorded at the SSB Lecture Theatre 200, Social Science Building.


​Co-hosted by Worlds of Wikimedia Conference and Sydney Ideas.

Dr Martin Dittus, Oxford Internet Institute, in conversation with Professor Jaky Troy, University of Sydney, hosted by Dean Annamarie Jagose.

Thursday 13 June 2019 Day 1

Frances di Lauro and Simon presenting

​Room S226, Department of Media and Communications, John Woolley Building, Manning Rd.

  • Welcome to country with Uncle Alan, a Gadigal man from the Eora nation.
  • Keynote Professor Jaky Troy
  • Special Sufi performance by Adnan Bhatti

Friday 14 June 2019

  • Australian presenters
    Keynote Ingrid Cumming, Noongarpedia - Video
  • Caddie Brain and Joel Liddle - Developing Indigemoji - the political tensions of combining some of the newest and oldest languages in the world in an app.
  • Carrol Quadrio - How digital technology enables literacy for Indigenous peoples
  • Jacinta Sutton - Libraries, Wikipedia and the yield of knowledge
  • Jedidiah Evans - Wikiprisons: Carceral education and the limits of knowledge
  • Roundtable



A special focus on WOW 2019 was published in Volume 27, Issue 3 (2021) of New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia. It included the following chapters:

  • Introduction: Special issue on the worlds of Wikipedia, Bunty Avieson and Frances Di Lauro
  • New maps for an inclusive Wikipedia: decolonial scholarship and strategies to counter systemic bias, Carwil Bjork-James
  • Wikipedia and open recognition: writing the future of work, Robert E. Cummings
  • Encouraging indigenous knowledge production for Wikipedia, Ivonne Kristiani
  • Gratis and Libre: Wikipedia's role in free and open history production and dissemination, Liam Wyatt
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