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When WMAU was first discussed, I took the view that an oldie like me should leave it to younger heads to work out. However, I was persuaded to take on the role of Public Officer (PO) and that my experience was welcome. As PO, I have been an observer on the interim committee and thus familiar with the progress so far. Recently, several members have urged me to stand for the committee. I have therefore decided to stand as Treasurer once it became clear that John did not have the time for this after being appointed to ArbCom. John has been an excellent initial Treasurer and I hope I can do just as good a job. I believe this position is the appropriate one for someone who has been knocking about in various organisations for longer than I care to recall. I have been Treasurer of several organisations over the years and I take the view that Treasurer is "no big deal". I hope I can serve WMAU in this capacity and make a useful contribution to the development of the chapter in general. WMAU is full of people with enthusiasm and great ideas. I certainly do not intend to dampen that enthusiasm, but rather to help people to sustain their enthusiasm through difficulties and ensure that appropriate funding and organisational structure is there to support their ideas.

Well who am I? I am a retired chemistry academic who has worked in six universities in four countries. I now live in Melbourne and have a honorary position in a 7th university - Monash at the Parkville campus. I do high powered calculations, on unix work stations, in what is now called computational chemistry but was called theoretical chemistry before we figured out how to compute things. My involvement with computers goes back to when they were a bunch of valves and mercury delay lines (scary? yes!). I learned to program in Mercury Autocode on a Ferranti Mercury in 1960. My involvement with open source code goes back a long time also. I have a small project on SourceForge and I am trying to port some complex teaching materials to wikiversity, although the project is going slowly. On wikipedia I edit articles on many topics, including science, scientist biographies and Scouting, along with a few duties as an admin. I am User:Bduke on all wikimedia projects.

Bduke 03:28, 3 January 2009 (UTC)

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