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Wikimedia Australia, Inc.® is an independent not-for-profit organisation and registered charity.

Wikimedia Australia's primary aim is to promote equality of opportunity to access and participate in the collaborative creation of Free Cultural Works, especially educational works, and works about Australia, its culture, natural environment, and Australian news and media.

The purpose of the organisation is to:

  • organise and participate in educational and social events that promote development of Free Cultural Works and related open source software systems, in particular wikis;
  • increase public awareness, support and participation in the projects hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF); and
  • develop resources to assist Australians in the creation and maintenance of Free Cultural Works.

The mission of Wikimedia Australia is to support the Mission of the Wikimedia Foundation in Australia in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity. Being a recognised 'Chapter' of the Wikimedia Foundation offers members an official voice in the global Wikimedia community, whose aim is to create unencumbered resources for use throughout the world.

What we do

We undertake outreach activities, develop resources and build systems that empower and engage people to collect, develop, share and promote Free Cultural Works. In recognition of Australia's role in the Asia-Pacific region, we will assist in building the capacity of the Wikimedia and Free Culture movements internationally.

Wikimedia Australia accepts donations via PayPal, direct bank deposit, internet banking transfer, cheque or money order. To donate, please click here.

Donations to Wikimedia Australia, while greatly appreciated, are currently are not tax deductible.

Overview of activities

Boer War soldier from Queensland, an image from the State Library of Queensland Collection.
GLAM_WIKI panel.

Wikimedia Australia formed in 2008, and was incorporated on 6 August 2008.

Our first event occurred in August 2009: GLAM-WIKI, supported by the Australian War Memorial, Wikimedia Foundation, CustomWare, and ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation. This event brought together people from more then 50 galleries, libraries, archives, and museums from across Australia and New Zealand to share ideas on the free exchange of knowledge.

Our next major project was in conjunction with the State Library of Queensland with the uploading of approximately 23,000 images from their collection. Combined with this was a number of editing workshops in libraries across Queensland. This was then followed with a similar program with the State Library of New South Wales, who in 2013 hosted Australia's first Wikimedian in residence.

Wikimedia Australia and Australian Paralympic Committee (APC) have been working together on a number of projects to improve the available information on paralympic sports. After proving themselves knowledgeable the APC arranged media accreditation for Wikimedians to cover the 2012 Paralympics in London. This was followed up with a project to gain accreditation for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Socchi, Wikimedians are also working on documenting many other sports as well including wheel chair basketball and wheel chair rugby.

Freopedia QR code

In 2012 Wikimedia Australia combined with the Fremantle Society to take Wikipedia away from our screens and out into the streets, with Australia's first WikiTown in Fremantle (known as Freopedia). This project placed QR code plaques on buildings, monuments and other places linked with Fremantle history. With topics such as Australian Prime Minister John Curtin, US President Hubert Hoover and bushranger Moondyne Joe, and Western Australia's oldest building, Freopedia provides access to and publicity of Wikipedia articles about the history of Fremantle and Western Australia — and does it in many different languages, a boon for a tourist city like Fremantle.

In 2014 a second WikiTown was establish in Toodyay, also in Western Australia. The Shire of Toodyay took the lead on this project with Wikimedia Australia and Western Australian editors providing the support and backup they needed to be successful.

In 2015 Wikimedia Australia joined with Indigenous studies faculties at UWA and Curtin universities to support the first Indigenous community-lead project, working on wiki content in Noongar, the language of the south-west of Western Australia. Noongarpedia, as this project was called, also resulted in the start of incubators for both the Noongar Wikitionary and Noongar Wikipedia.

Additional activities

Wikimedia Australia also has a number of programs to specifically support volunteers in their ability to create free content. These programs include;

  • Travel assistance: report by JJ Harrison of his photographic trip to Cairns
  • Training: report by Juttavd on attending the first Adacamp,The Ada Initiative is an international organisation that supports women involvement in open technology and culture
  • Equipment assistance: report by User:99of9 about his camera assistant grant
  • Community engagement: information on Wikipedia takes Toodyay show, where editors spent the day promoting engagement with the local community, this was followed up with a workshop on editing Wikipedia.
  • Wikimedian in Residences: the monthly GLAM reports include projects related to Wikimedians in Residences in the August 2013 issue the SLNSW reported on their Wikimedian in residence experience with User:Whiteghost.ink
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