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== Current projects ==
== Current projects ==

* [[Wikimedia in the Classroom]] (Craig Franklin) - launched 12 April 2010, still work in progress.
* [[Wikimedia in the Classroom]] (Craig Franklin) - launched 12 April 2010.
* [[User:Privatemusings/Schools]] (paved with good intention, but not realised at present)
* MAWA (WA) and DET (Vic) collaborations - not yet finalised.
==Call for participation==
If you're interested in hearing more about Education projects from WMAU, or may be willing to help in some way, please sign up below :-)
# [[User:Privatemusings|Privatemusings]] 13:48, 30 April 2010 (EST)

== See also ==
== See also ==
''please feel free to add links below to other projects, news, or even related blogs :-)''
* [ Wikimedia 'Bookshelf' Project]
* [ Secondary Education 'target audience' page on WMF outreach wiki]
* [ The Schools Wikipedia] - a vetted selection of articles
* [ The Schools Wikipedia] - a vetted selection of articles
* [ The Wikimedia Foundation 'Outreach Wiki' frontpage]
* [ The Wikimedia Foundation 'Outreach Wiki' frontpage]
* [ Best practices in giving a wikipedia presentation]
** [ Wikimedia 'Bookshelf' Project]
** [ Secondary Using Wikipedia in secondary education]
** [ Best practices in giving a wikipedia presentation]
* [[meta:Chapters meeting 2010/Documentation/Working Groups/Educational institutions]]
* [[meta:Wikipedia at European schools]]

[[Category:Schools Outreach]]
[[Category:Schools Outreach]]

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Wikimedia Australia is looking to undertake projects with relation to Australian schools and education systems, of varying scopes. This will probably come under a future "Education Workgroup" for the purposes of collaboration and coordination, although it should be noted not all are aimed at the same levels of education, nor do each have the same purpose in mind. For example, some are looking to educate students in how to edit a wiki, whilst others are aimed at the responsible use of Wikimedia projects in information gathering for assignments, while others are aimed at teachers and fostering inter-school collaboration on curriculum topics.

2010 developments

During the recent Chapters meeting in Berlin, our representatives became aware of a number of successful projects overseas and Andrew Owens, who attended the international Education Workgroup, will be looking to bring over and host on this website any CC-by-SA material they have produced which may be of use to us (accommodating for different systems).

Some members have expressed the view we should not be dealing with schools/institutions but with education systems, so this project also allows for Wikimedia Australia to work with or consult to the Education Departments in various states and/or other more widely representative bodies in order to gain systemic reach.

Current projects

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