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Dear members,

My name is Jutta (please listen to the Finnish pronunciation), I have lived in Sydney for the last six years and grew up on this property located in the north-west of Germany.

I have always worked in and been passionate about projects, that are aimed to make information and knowledge freely available to people, so it was only a matter of time until I would stumble across Wikimedia projects and the concepts of free knowledge and culture.

This finally happened in 2010, when I started to work at Cancer Council Australia where I currently lead the development of a wiki platform for clinical practice guideline development. I met quite a few Australian Wikimedians at the RCC in Canberra and the rest is history.

Since then, I have

  • organised the RCCx in Sydney,
  • participated in Sydney-based Women4Wikipedia events,
  • organised and participated in the strategic development workshop in Sydney,
  • went to Wikimania 2011 in Israel,
  • supported Liam at the ABC meeting as well as John and Leigh at TINA2011

apart from following and participating in the discussions on various wikimedia-related lists.

I am committed to support Wikimedia Australia and its mission in whatever way I can and I would like to thank everyone that nominated me as an ordinary member.

What I can bring to the table is the following:

  • excellent organisational skills (I would say, this is an inherent trait)
  • excellent communication and interpersonal skills (also inherent, but I do have a Masters in Communications)
  • experience in professionalising a volunteer-driven non-for-profit organisation (Mindd Foundation 2005-2007)
  • experience working with large non-for-profit and educational organisations (I currently work for Cancer Council Australia and have worked at the University of Sydney)
  • ability to see the bigger picture and consider multiple points of views, not only my own
  • driver, enabler and supporter
  • time, motivation and passion to dedicate to a worthwhile cause
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