Meeting: 2013 SGM

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A Special General Meeting of Wikimedia Australia, Inc.® will be held on Sunday 20th October 2013. This special general meeting has convened by the committee under section 10(3) of our Rules.

The scope of the meeting is to consider a number of changes to the rules that have been put forward by members.

The notice was sent out to members on 26 September, 2013.



  1. Apologies, attendance
  2. Proposed Rule Changes
    1. Changes for Act Compliance (if 2.1 fails, then no further changes to be voted on)
    2. Removal of power to fine
    3. Email address in membership register
    4. Provision of copies of the membership register
    5. Definition of the word "Secretary"
    6. Indirect election of officers and two year terms
      1. Indirect election of officers, and two year terms (Option One)
      2. Indirect election of officers, and two year terms (Option Two) (only if 2.6.1 fails)
    7. Email notice of general meetings
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