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Meeting closed: Sunday 7 August, 5.35pm
Meeting closed: Sunday 7 August, 5.38pm

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Date: Sunday 7 August 2022
Time / time zone: 3pm AWST / 4.30 ACST / 5pm AEST
Meeting channel: Zoom


Chair: Alex Lum
Attendees: Pru Mitchell, Alex Lum, Brian Salter-Duke, Bunty Avieson, Amanda Lawrence, Ann Reynolds, Tom Hogarth, Kelly Tall, Jeremy Ludlow, Maia Williams and Executive Officer Caddie Brain
Apologies: Peter Neish

Former Minutes

Minutes tabled from 2021 meeting:

Motion: That the minutes from the 2021 AGM be accepted. Moved: Amanda Lawrence Seconded: Pru Mitchell Accepted (carried without dissent)

2022 President's Report

  • Recommencement of in-person activities at this stage of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Wikimedia Strategic Plan 2022-25
  • Simple APG Report 2022-23
  • Programming highlights: Wikidata Fellowships, Census Data Integration Tool,
  • ESEAP Growth - Conference 2022 and Wikimania 2023 both to be held in ESEAP region
  • Sincere thanks to our staff Caddie Brain and James Gaunt
  • Sincere thanks to our members for all their participation across all our activities

Membership report

  • Currently 68 members (3 additional members on 2021)

2022 Treasurer's report

  • $401,708 profit
  • Main areas of expenditure - community support, staffing (under consulting cost centre) and outreach activities

2022 Secretary's report

  • Thanks to the former Executive, particularly to Tom Hogarth for his work as Vice President.
  • Congratulations to the new Executive, in particular Bunty Avieson for her appointment as Vice President and to Alex Lum and Pru Mitchell for their ongoing contribution.
  • Thanks to Paige Wright, Sam Wilson and Michael Barritt for their work on the 2021-2022 Committee as general members.
  • The Wikimedia Australia Strategic Plan 2022-25 will guide our work over the next year
  • There will also be a strong focus on ESEAP activities the ESEAP Conference 2022 and Wikimania 2023

Motion: That the President, Secretary, Treasurer’s reports be accepted.
Moved: Alex Lum
Seconded: Amanda Lawrence
Accepted (carried without dissent)

Committee 2022-23

Nominations for the 2022-2023 committee presented:

Position Name
President Amanda Lawrence
Vice President Bunty Avieson
Secretary Alex Lum
Treasurer Pru Mitchell
General Member Tom Hogarth
General Member Jeremy Ludlow
General Member Peter Neish
General Member Kelly Tall

Meeting closed: Sunday 7 August, 5.38pm

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