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News: Wikimedia Australia Meetings   Jan 11: Wikimedia Australia's first Annual General Meeting is held Australia-wide.
News: Site Updates   Nov 18: The officialwiki is officially launched to members of Wikimedia Australia.
News: Wikimedia Australia Announcements   Nov 11: Wikimedia Australia is now open for membership.
News: Wikimedia Australia Announcements   Aug 6: Incorporation approved by Consumer Affairs Victoria.
News: Wikimedia Australia Announcements   Jul 31: The Public Officer submitted the application for incorporation to Consumer Affairs Victoria.
News: Wikimedia Australia Announcements   Jul 29: Sarah Ewart announced that the Chapters Committee of the Wikimedia Foundation has approved the new statement of purposes, with the Interim Committee to now seek incorporation with Consumer Affairs Victoria.
News: Wikimedia Australia Announcements   Jul 6: A new Statement of Purpose was considered at two meetings of the Interim Committee, with discussion and further suggestions open until July 13, when the Committee is meeting again.
News: Wikimedia in Australian News   May 15: Chris Mann proposed sending a letter to the New South Wales Board of Education, regarding the recent decision to include Wikipedia in the HSC syllabus for 2009-2012.
News: Wikimedia Australia Announcements   May 1: Brianna Laugher announced that Consumer Affairs Victoria had rejected the proposed statement of purposes, and invited futher modifications and discussions at meta.
News: Wikimedia Australia Meetings   Apr 21: A special meeting approved the incorporation of Wikimedia Australia in Victoria. Also approved were the draft rules, the statement of purposes, appointing Brian Salter-Duke as Public Officer, and affirming the Interim Committee.
News: Wikimedia-related News   Mar 1: The Wikimedia Foundation's Board of Trustees approved Wikimedia Australia as a formal Wikimedia Chapter, on the recommendation of the Chapters Committee.
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