Be Connected Seniors Tech Expo

Be Connected Seniors Tech Expo
The Seniors Recreation Council of WA is holding a ‘Tech Savvy Seniors’ event at which Wikimedia Australia will have a table.

Region: WA
Location: invitation only event

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The event was attended approxiamately 60 people, we gave a presentation to the groups as a whole we spoke with 20 people individually about the projects in the available time. This event provided guidance on how to approach Have a Go Day where the expected attendees will be 15,000 over a six hour period.


A5 cards appeared to be clear and effective
the posters needed to be displayed better as they were lost in the space
consistency in appearance - WMAU or WCW shirts
an active display - where editing can happen
a passive display - of different ways to participate
wider variety of materials
Give aways and items for fundraising
an activity/competition to participate in(for Have a Go Day these need to be registered with Lotteries West)
needs a Wikipedia brand to answer who we are
  • Attendee count: 60
  • Cost to Wikimedia Australia: $77

    Event Metrics

  • 20 people took WikiCkubWest contact details
  • 14 people took how to use the Commons App
  • QR reader installed on two phones - 2 commons apps installed
  • 2 queries of WCW being able to give presentations to local groups by attendees
  • discussions with multiple event presenters over possible collaborations
  • follow up with one news outlet
  • follow up with a member of parliament
  • 2 potential sponsors of events in WA
  • potential promoter/partner of WLE 2020

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