Wikimedia Australia supports an annual program of events, training programs and campaigns with a range of partners around Australia. It relies on the support of volunteer facilitators to run and support new and experienced editors to take part in these programs.

Meet or find a facilitator

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To work with or request an introduction to one of our accredited facilitators email us at contact@wikimedia.org.au

How to become a facilitator

Wikimedia Australia offers support and training to become an accredited Wikimedia Australia facilitator.

The Facilitator role:

  • Event preparation and set up
  • Running or supporting edit-a-thons or events
  • Running of supporting training workshops
  • Coordination of campaign or specific WAMU-identified program
  • Event evaluation and communication

Facilitator requirements:

  • A strong understanding of Wikimedia platforms, policies, processes and overall mission.
  • Excellent communication skills with a strong audience focus, clarity and professionalism in addressing diverse audiences (gender, age, interests, profession, knowledge, geography etc).
  • Technical skills to facilitate and present events online and in-person, or to run a specific Wikimedia-related campaign or program.
  • Contributes to and can use WMAU-approved presentation and training materials for Wikimedia platforms (with personalisation of training to a particular audience if needed and use of Visual Editor).
  • Must be a financial member of WMAU (sponsored membership may be available upon committee consideration).
  • Hold a teaching or facilitation qualification or relevant experience. (Preferred but non-essential)
  • Must hold a current Working with Children certificate for any presentation involving people under 18 years of age.

Express interest in becoming a Facilitator

We are always looking to expand our network of facilitators. If you'd like to express interest in becoming a facilitator, please email us at: contact@wikimedia.org.au

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