A workshop (sometimes called an 'edit-a-thon') can take many forms, but essentially it is an event where groups of new or experienced people get together to learn how to edit Wikipedia together, either face-to-face or online.

Sometimes these events are based around a theme (like increasing the number of articles about women on Wikipedia) or a target (10 new Wikipedia pages).

Request for group training

Wikimedia Australia is here to help. We have a network of experienced facilitators to offer training and support at workshops. We can also help promote your event. Email us to request a workshop.

Run your own edit-a-thon

If you're thinking of holding an independent workshop, here's some things to get you started!

Before running an workshop, make sure you've undertaken some basic online training yourself and have done at least a little bit of editing.

We recommend two main modules to get you started:

Useful Documents

Please duplicate and rename any documents before editing them. The more preparation, the better!

Create Your Event Dashboard

A dashboard will automatically collect data on what your participants achieved at your event.

Become a Wikimedia Australia Trainer

Get in touch!

Email us at if you need help.

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