2010-2011 AGM/Financial Report

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Wikimedia Australia Inc. Accounts for the financial year 1 July 2009 - 30 June 2010

This is the full financial account for the 1 July 2009 - 30 June 2010 year of operation of Wikimedia Australia Inc.

Cash accounting based on bank details
2008 – 2009 Income 2009 – 2010
Carried forward $8,164.97
Membership No
$1640.00 Full members 37 $1,320.00
$310.00 Concession members 9 $170.00
Total membership $1,490.00
$180.00 Donations $1,242.00
$0.32 Interest $1.21
$6,290.50 Grants $2,500.00
$0.00 Other $0.27
Total GLAM $2,500.27
$0.00 WMF Grants $16,590.05
$1.20 Other $0.00
$8,422.02 Total Income $29,988.50
$113.50 Incorporation costs
$91.05 Linux Open Day Expenses
$45.00 Web hosting $45.00
Admin expenses $94.80
Grant refund $8,432.73
$5.50 Bank charges $28.71
$2.00 GLAM $8,819.15
Conference and Fair Stall Grant
Printing and Merch Grant $1135.50
Board Capacity Dev grant $1453.79
$257.05 Total Expenditure $20,009.68
$8,164.97 Balance at Bank at 30 June, 2009 $9,978.82
Assets and Liabilities
Tangible Assets and Liabilities
$8,164.97 Cash at bank $9,978.82
Payments due
$5,216.00 GLAM
Uncleared cheques $82.00
$2,948.97 Net assets $9,896.82
Assets with unclear monetary value
Web domain

These accounts have not been audited. There is no obligation on us to have the accounts audited unless Consumer Affairs Victoria asks us to do so in a particular financial year. We may however be required to have the accounts audited because of fund-raising approval in some States or Territories.

I declare that the above is a true record of the financial affairs of Wikimedia Australia Inc. for the financial year 2009 - 2010,

Brian Salter-Duke, Treasurer.

Some notes on the above statement

Most of the last financial year was under the good control of our current President, Steve Peters, who handed over the job to me after the end of the financial year, although I had previously been Treasurer up to the AGM in November 2009.

The Association has progressed financially in its second year. Membership is down after the first flush when we were incorporated, but that decrease in income is more than offset by an increase in donations. The income for the GLAM Conference was from a WMF Grant in the previous financial year and other local grants. These covered all expenditure except about $30.

Other WMF Grants were received totally about $16,600, but about $8400 was returned to the WMF. This repayment arose from two sources. First, they paid us the GLAM Grant twice. Second, we were unable to organise the Wikiacademy in November 2009 and the WMF requested that the grant for that purpose be returned.

The summary of the three remaining grants in the 2009 - 2010 financial year is:-

Grants summary Conference and Fair Stall Grant Printing and Merch Grant Board Capacity Dev Grant
Income $1,799.41 $2,999.01 $3,358.90
Expenditure $0.00 $1,135.50 $1,453.79
Balance $1,799.41 $1,863.51 $1,905.11

The Conference and Fair Stall Grant has not been spent and may have to be returned to the WMF. The Printing and Merchandise Grant has had another $396 expenditure set against it in this financial year and more is expected. The Board Capacity Development Grant has been used to fund travel of committee members to a "face-to-face" meeting last January and to two WMF events, It will be for the new committee members to decide what should be done with these funds.

Finally I report that we have now obtained approval to fund raise in all States and Territories where this is required, so we are well prepared to take part in the annual WMF fund raising drive at the end of this year.

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