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About me

I was born raised in the Riverina region of New South Wales, which is one of the reasons why you see most articles on the English Wikipedia which I edit, are related to the Riverina as part of WikiProject Riverina, the only successful regional Wikipedia collaboration in Australia. As I’ve done a fair bit of travelling, a number of photographs have been uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.

I'm currently a volunteer at the RAAF Wagga Heritage Centre, which involves in interacting with people as a host officer and research in a collaboration for future displays within the community room at the centre. In 2009 I undertook and completed Certificate II in Museum Practice to help me understand the working, running and problems museums face, in 2010 along with my fellow volunteers from the RAAF Wagga Heritage Centre undertook and completed Certificate IV in Museum Practice, during the two years on doing the courses I’ve been lucky enough to see the inner workings of a number of large museums in Australia.

I’m currently undertaking Certificate IV in Interactive Media (formerly Digital Media) which brings photography, videography and multimedia into one, I’m wanting to undertake the Diploma in Interactive Media as I’m wanting a career in the digital media industry but also wanting to improve my skills.

Wikimedia projects

I've been a contributor on the English Wikipedia since October 2005 and on Wikimedia Commons since September 2006, with over 40,000 contributions on both Wikipedia and Commons and over 3,000 original images. Most of my time is now spent on Wikimedia Commons, uploading photographs, creating and maintaining categories, checking what media we (the community) have and don't have. I have since upgraded to a DSLR which can take HD video (1080p), which I'm hoping to attend as many important events which we (Wikimedia projects) do not have any media or lacking media.


I would love to see more free use, such as the use of Creative Commons licenses, both on the web but with media and publications as well as more regional contributions (not just Australia but its neighbours as well).

Wikimedia Australia

Wikimedia Australia's role and aims are important, by promoting Wikimedia projects, helping people and organisations to understand free licensing and editing on the Wikimedia projects, partnerships with GLAMS (for an example the State Library of Queensland's donation of public domain photographs) and other organisations (another example again is the Australian Paralympic Committee releasing its photographs under a free license for Wikipedia articles) and attracting new contributors to the Wikimedia projects.

Being a volunteer on Wikimedia projects and attending Wikimedia Australia events, it has given me an appreciation of the constructive role that current and future members can play, and member engagement and involvement is critical to Wikimedia Australia's future success.

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