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I am keen to see Australia’s presence in the Wikimedia movement increased so that we are known for making a useful and respected contribution to Wikimedia projects.

To that end, I strongly support an approach that maximises what we can achieve by a steady and targeted use of efforts against our strategic plan as well as a nimble response to unplanned opportunities (admittedly a difficult balance to achieve). In particular, I want our reputation to be enhanced at home by effective partnerships/alliances and abroad by clearly communicated (if even necessarily small scale) outcomes.

I think it is vital that in a volunteer community we are able to make the best use of the range of skills and interests that people bring, harness their efforts effectively and keep them motivated by a respectful appreciation of their individual contributions. We need to find ways of using what people do well.

I am a qualified and experienced teacher and trainer of adults so I enjoy running editing training with other Wikipedians and also improving content via editathons. I also have management qualifications (in Project Management, Quality Management and HR management) and am a professional editor of academic research papers. My special concern is with quality and my own involvement is exemplified by my work on:



  • Edit-a-thons e.g. Classic 100 a meetup I organised to build awareness and a cultural partnership as well as content
  • Training e.g. with librarians in Tambo & Quilpie in Queensland Wikipedia:GLAM/SLQ and soon with the State Library of NSW.


Policy and practice

I have written and contributed some guidelines for best practice: