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Meeting talk:2012 AGM/Candidates/Gillian White

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Hi Gillian, I see that you have yet to make a statement given that it is now after 18:00 AEDT and voting opens tomorrow I have a few questions to ask;

  • Without naming or identifying the candidate if one exists do you have concerns about working with any candidates to further the goals of WMAU?
A: I have worked with or know personally nearly all of the candidates. We have the range of skills necessary for such a small community to make headway in the big job we have set ourselves. Any project is hard enough to bring off but it is harder for volunteers and in Australia, we have, as we have always had, big distances too. Our online environment should help but it adds an extra problem - that communication needs even more effort than usual to ensure people do not jump to conclusions about motivations and that we work at understanding good intentions. Given all that, my own point of view is that personal attacks, incivility and downright rudeness are inexcusable. So, I would have difficulty working with anyone who cannot refrain from this behaviour as it is so demoralising and counterproductive.
  • What attributes can you bring to the committee?
A: Please see my candidate statement - Meeting:2012 AGM/Candidates/Gillian White
  • Do have any concerns about the WMAU relationship with The Foundation, how can it be improved?
A: I think we should work on improving our relationship with the Foundation by demonstrating that we are a group who can set achievable goals, deploy the people with the right kind of skills to the effort, collaborate with one another, achieve what was planned and report on it. We can't do everything but what we do do should have a clear objective and a clear result and it should align with the Foundation's plans so we can participate in the global discussion. In other words, we need to be more disciplined and reliable about our own projects.
  • You attended Wikimania what was the experience like and what direct affect has it had on your contribution to WMAU?
A: (see below)
  • If you received funding from WMAU to attend can you link to a report on your attendance?
A: My report is here - report
  • do you have any plans that would make you unavailable for an extended period of time?
A: No.

Thanks Gideon Gnangarra 20:11, 15 November 2012 (EST)

Thank you for answering Gnangarra 19:45, 16 November 2012 (EST)

Questions from Tony1

Gillian, delighted to see you as a candidate. I wonder what your opinion is, as a professional teacher, of a few of the resources on WP-related training in schools and universities. I've fished out these ones, for example:

A: Well, I wrote this one, so what can I say?
A: This was a good idea. It was started using professionals to develop it but it is not well enough known or integrated into community use.
A: This was a very helpful support to the training programs run in Queensland. Manuals are a support for training but every training program needs to be adjusted to suit the learners' needs and expectations and the context of the training itself, so they should never be followed or "worked through" in a session. When the visual editor is up and running, the contents of aids like this can focus more on such things as community practices and policies because the editing itself ought to be easier.
  • What are the challenges in developing effective training for young people as future WMF volunteer editors? Tony1 17:43, 16 November 2012 (EST)
A: Good question. Can I think about this? There is this program