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Minutes of the 2013 AGM of Wikimedia Australia, Inc.

  • Date: 23 November 2013
  • Meeting opened at 15:01 AEDST, Craig Franklin in chair.
1. Attendance and Apologies
  • Attendance: Michael Billington, Craig Franklin, Adam Jenkins, Pru Mitchell, Robert Myers, Andrew Owens, Graham Pearce, Brian Salter-Duke, Steven Zhang
  • Apologies: Gideon Digby (coordinating Wiki Takes Waroona), Charles Gregory, Tom Hogarth, Ross Mallett, Kerry Raymond, James Recchi, John Vandenberg
  • Proxies: Kerry Raymond, Ross Mallett, Gideon Digby, Charles Gregory
2. Minutes
2.1 Acceptance of the minutes of the 2012 AGM - Moved by Craig Franklin, seconded by Graham Pearce, carried without dissent.
2.2 Acceptance of the minutes of the 2013 SGM - Moved by Craig Franklin, seconded by Steven Zhang, carried without dissent.
3. Reports
3.1 Acceptance of the President's Report - Moved by Craig Franklin, seconded by Steven Zhang, carried without dissent. Several attendees indicated that the advice given to the incoming committee was valuable.
3.2 Acceptance of the Treasurer's Report - Moved by Craig Franklin, seconded by Michael Billington, carried without dissent. Graham's work as secretary was recognised at the meeting.
Points raised:
  • Some had difficulty viewing the thumbnail, it was agreed to amend the report to include a direct link to the file.
  • $330 in donations were received, even though the organisation did not actively solicit donations during the term.
  • Present balance is around $82,000 as at the AGM.
3.3 Acceptance of the Secretary's Report - Moved by Graham Pearce, seconded by Robert Myers, carried without dissent.
4. Election
4.1 Nominations for position of Treasurer, per rule 23(3) - No nominations were received. The chair invited anyone interested in nominating to step forward, but a nominee was not forthcoming. The new committee was advised to appoint one within 14 days under rule 21(4). (Note: Michael Billington, elected as an ordinary member of the committee, became treasurer on 4 December.)
4.2 Announcement by Returning Officer of the result of the ballot for President - Adam Jenkins, the returning officer, announced that 26 votes were received, one of which was from a non-financial member so was rejected. All other votes were valid, and Steven Zhang was elected by 20 votes to 5. As there were only two candidates, there was no need for a distribution of preferences. The chair noted that the election proceeded smoothly and without incident, and the meeting thanked the returning officer.
5. Thanks - The chair (Craig Franklin) thanked the members of the committee for their hard work and support. He said that a lot of tedious stuff goes on behind the scenes, and his fellow committee members dealt with it all with grace and good humour. He also thanked Ross for nominating for President and ensuring there were two good candidates to choose from, and Graham for helping to organise the AGM. Finally, he thanked the membership and supporters for their kindness and support during his brief stint as President. Craig was in turn thanked from the floor for his leadership, keeping the members informed and managing the chapter transparently. The incoming president said that he had been left big shoes to fill.

Meeting closed at 16:54 AEDST.

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