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Minutes of the 2014 AGM of Wikimedia Australia, Inc.

  • Date: 5 October 2014
  • Meeting opened at 16:12 AEDST, Steven Zhang in the chair.
1. Attendance and Apologies
  • Attendees: Lyle Allan (IRC), Michael Billington, Craig Franklin, Gideon Digby, Charles Gregory, Adam Jenkins, Pru Mitchell, Robert Myers, Andrew Owens, Kerry Raymond, Gillian White, Sam Wilson, Steven Zhang
  • Apologies: Toby Hudson, Robert Myers
2. Minutes
2.1 Acceptance of the minutes of the 2013 AGM - Moved Steven Zhang, seconded Craig Franklin, carried without dissent
3. Reports
3.1 Acceptance of the President's Report - Moved Andrew Owens, seconded Gideon Digby, carried without dissent.
3.2 Acceptance of the Treasurer's Report - Moved Steven Zhang, seconded Pru Mitchell, carried without dissent. It is expected that expenditure will increase
3.3 Acceptance of the Secretary's Report - Moved Steven Zhang, seconded Michael Billington, carried without dissent.
4. Election - not required due to sufficient candidates for all positions.
5. Thanks - The chair thanked Robert Myers (outgoing) for his work over the term and the remainder of the committee who are continuing. It can be a thankless job. Craig as past president commended Steven on his first term in the job.

Closed 16:34 AEDST.

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