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Secretary’s Report, 2019 AGM

I would like to thank all fellow committee members for support as Secretary from 2016-2019, and specially the kind words in the President’s Annual report from Pru, the continuing President.

It has been a very interesting time to be involved in Wikimedia Australia, and even more so, as I leave with three new members of committee arriving to see the WMAU into the 2020s, and well into the second decade of the wider Wikimedia movement.

In the 2009-2010 era, the Annual Secretary reports were very simple affairs - 2009 report:

Financial members: 36. By sex M 31 86.1% F 5 13.9% Total 36 100.0% By postal address

ACT 1 2.8% NSW 9 25.0% NT 1 2.8% QLD 5 13.9% SA 5 13.9% TAS 1 2.8% VIC 8 22.2% WA 5 13.9% Non-Aus 1 2.8% Total 36 100.0%

By payment form. (2008) Conc 9 25.0% Full 26 72.2% Waived 1 2.8% Total 36 100.0%

Noting that with a flat rate in 2019 we no longer have scaled memberships.

The Secretary of the time identified the dates of meetings, and made a table of resolutions made at committee meetings in the year, and that was typical of the sum total of secretary reports in the early years, often with no other comment.

For the 2018 AGM Secretary report, I was able to combine a number of reports usually found elsewhere, internally and on the WMAU website, into the Secretary’s report, including material about trips to Montreal for Wikimania, and to Bali for ESEAP, as well as Wiki Club West matters.

As there is no established template, or set of requirements for reports at the AGM, I would suggest that future reports might benefit from discussion at either committee or community level, as to the content and extent between the sparse and the loquacious.

I will be endeavouring to make sure the new Secretary will be receiving substantial annotated clarification of items - verbally, physical and online, as at the previous handover, when I started in this position there was nothing provided, with no handover check list or inventory. I believe it is beholden on all office bearers to take stock of what they have, and what they know to be able to notify and inform new office holders what is involved, and what requirements there are. Even for remaining members of committee, I believe AGM time is a good time for review information at hand, and conscientious updating information in the website and on the committee internal wiki.

Also I encourage longer term and newer term committee members to familiarise themselves with the materials that are available on the WMAU website, as well as the internal committee wiki, and to actively update and improve, as they require constant vigilance to maintain and remain relevant. I wish to acknowledge the support that both Sam and Robert have provided in keeping materials in the internal wiki and the website current and up to date for materials relative to minutes and other records..

I specially wish to thank Gideon Digby for his support. Working with him in various ways since as far back as 2007 has been, at times challenging, and always enjoyable process, where I have learnt a lot from his involvement in WMAU, Wiki Club West, and other wikipedian adventures. Also considering what he has done for the organisation far out surpasses in my opinion any other previous member of WMAU in terms of bringing WMAU to the wider communities notice in a positive manner. I believe his lasting impact on Wikimedia projects here in Australia and in the wider Wikimedia community requires some thought as to his legacy, and some form of affirmation of his role. I look forward to Gideon’s continued participation in Wiki Club West activities.

Further plans and reports from Wiki Club West will come through to committee over time, and I wish convenors and organisers of similar ventures in the eastern states all the best with their ventures.

Relative to Wiki Club West, I must also acknowledge the recent passing of Lise Summers otherwise known on wikipedia as User:Morethangrass. She was an important part of the WMAU involvement in the 2018 Australian Archives Conference in Perth, as well as a very sympathetic supporter of WMAU, Wiki Club West and its activities. She will be sorely missed.

I wish all the best to the new committee the opportunity to further the best for the Australian Chapter of the Wikimedia movement, and I am sure that Western Australia will still hold more surprises and innovations for the chapter over some considerable time.It has been a privilege to be a member of committee of the WMAU in the time that I have been involved, and I appreciate the help and support of fellow committee members over that time.

Also, I am very impressed in this AGM, it is the largest involvement by members of WAMU to register interest in ‘’attending’’ the meeting (I think, since the 2008-2009 era), I do hope it is a positive sign of involvement and wider involvement between the WMAU membership and the committee, and that it develops into very positive outcomes for all.

Retiring Secretary, Tom Hogarth, August 2019

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