Meeting:2020 AGM/Secretary's Report

Secretary's Report - 2020 AGM

Personal note

I would like the thank Tom, who was the secretary from 2016-19, and also a massive thank you to the committee and the community for its understanding during my term in 2019-20, October is when everything became rather hectic with fires burning over a wide area of NE NSW into SE QLD but after my second deployment in Nowra, I had questioned if I would be able to give the time required for the role but having to almost operate in my aviation role for a month during January. And COVID-19 came along, which is when I made the decision to step aside for the next term on the Committee to take sometime out. I had also been great working for the University of Sydney, working with Frances Di Lauro and Carrol Quadrio in Writing for the Digital World (OLES2129). Some great articles have come from the course and would jump at doing it again in the future.

What now? I will be focusing on taking sometime out but also start focusing on getting photos edited and uploaded onto Commons, will be undertaking aviation radio operator training next week in Dubbo and have taken on a secretary in my local brigade (though not as involved time wise).

I wish the new Committee all the best for the 2020-21 term but also into the future, I will still be helping out when asked.

Secretary's Report for 2019-20

Getting the back logged minutes published and to keep them published as soon as possible was one of my big goals, early on I was able to tackle this but once everything became rather busy, it was hard to do. I did have plans on making some changes with the category system and the way reports are displayed, however I wasn't able to fulfil the goal.

Though behind the scenes I was able to create a "Correspondence" page on the Committee wiki to make it way of seeing if something is outstanding with any incoming and outgoing Correspondence, whether it has been dealt with and the action taken.


Break down of memberships has been something that has been absent from AGMs in the past, mostly due to everything now being done on Xero that is can make it tricky to give a tally.

As of 13 September 2020, we had a total 59 members, 48 of which are paid members, with 11 members overdue on membership renewals.

Paid Overdue Total
48 11 59

There is still a low number of female members, but has improved. More work is still required to close what is still a significant gap.

Female Male Total
20 39 59

NSW has the most members, followed by Vic with WA having the third most members. NT is the only other state/territory to have has zero members, while we have 1 overseas based member.

ACT NSW Qld SA Tas Vic WA NT Overseas Total
4 19 6 5 1 15 8 0 1 59
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