Meeting:Committee (2008 October 25)


Meeting began: 3.20pm.

Chair, minutes: Brianna.

Attending: Brianna, John, Sarah, Nathan, Stephen (arrived late)

Memberdb software update

Brianna began work on installing and configuring this, and recently John took over. Nathan volunteered to help and will do so in the coming weeks. The software basically works. More customisation is needed of the interface and emails. Basic workflow is: (1) Person signs up on website. Person and Secretary get emailed. (2) Person confirms their email address from the email. (3) Secretary approves person by the software interface. Person and Secretary get emailed. We need to insert the paying-fees step into this. Decided to put payment details into initial email, and Secretary will only approve members on confirmation of payment received. Members will be placed on the announce mailing list for official committee--member communication (e.g. announcing meetings).

Resolution: That Wikimedia Australia will accept payments via electronic bank transfer, bank@post direct deposit, or cheque/money order sent by post. Cheque/money order are to be sent to Sarah's PO box until WMAU gets its own post office box.

  • Proposed: Brianna
  • Seconded: ?
  • Carried without dissent
Action: John to investigate email notifications for deposits into our account, to simplify communications on received payments.

The software can also be used to process elections. Once we begin taking members, we should do a "test" election before the inaugural AGM.

We discussed credit card payments and decided for the time being not to pursue this.

Action: Brianna to write up secretary workflow for accepting memberships on.
Action: Brianna to send a draft of the initial email to the committee mailing list.

Resolution: that a private members only mailing list is created

  • Proposed: Nathan
  • Seconded: John
  • Carried without dissent
Action: Brianna to set up a discussion list for members with members-only archives.
Action: John to start a wiki page that lists possible uses of funds that benefit members.

Internal access

"Internal" refers to a private wiki and mailing list run by WMF used for staff/board/chapter communication. Typically chapter "board members" (in our case committee members) have internal access. In our case this hasn't happened yet because it was thought to make more sense to wait until after the first real committee was actually elected. Brianna is a member (for other reasons) and wondered if we should seek access now, due to increased chapter-related discussion.

It transpired that Nathan is also a member, so actually we have more than one committee member on internal. We decided at this time to not seek further access, and leave it for the "real" (elected) committee.

Chapter reports

See m:Wikimedia chapters/Reports. At the April 2008 chapters meeting (which we did not take part in) it was decided that it would be worthwhile for chapters to post monthly reports to update each other on their progress. This idea has been recently revived on internal. We discussed if monthly reports would be too frequent and decided that we could begin aiming for monthly reports and switch to two-monthly if this was more realistic. The committee will collaboratively draft the report on commwiki and then publish it on officialwiki, to members and to the chapter-reports mailing list (which will presumably go to internal).

Resolution: That the committee will begin monthly reports to members and chapters-reports, following the draft template provided on internal.

  • Proposed: Brianna
  • Seconded: John
  • Carried without dissent.

Website update

As Daniel was not present this item was deferred.

AGM date

We discussed early December and mid January as potential AGM dates, keeping in mind the need to avoid Christmas, exams and the need to have the agenda set and inform members 14 days beforehand. This depends partly on how smooth the member signup process runs: if it runs smoothly and everyone can join who wants to, without problem, then early December may be possible.

We decided that when we have a decent number of members, say around 30, we can discuss with the membership what dates they prefer. If it takes only a week to get that many members then early December may be possible. If it takes longer than a month then probably it will have to be after New Year.

ABN (and TFN)

Resolution: The committee authorises Brian Salter-Duke, as public officer to apply for and obtain an Australian Business Number and Tax File Number from the Australian Taxation Office.

  • Proposed: Nathan
  • Seconded: Sarah
  • Carried without dissent

Accounts software

Nathan asked what software will we use for tracking funds. He suggested the ATO's eRecord program and John said this should be sufficient.

Action: John to update the committee about this next meeting.

Committee communication

We talked about trying to have weekly meetings over the next few weeks, with each committee member trying to attend at least once every two weeks. This should allow us to reach quorum 4 each time. In theory. Meetings will continue to be Sunday 3pm on IRC in the absence of enthusiasm for other times and mediums.

Action: Brianna to contact Chuq re: his committee involvement.



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