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Date Decision Assigned to Link
2023-06-19 James to update references to the committee to the board on the WMAU website and relevant documents
2023-05-15 Belinda to write formal letter to Jack confirming committee approval and contact Sam to arrange
2023-04-17 EO to action communication to scholarship grantees (including reporting expectation within 1 month of Wikimania) and coordinate bookings/reimbursements.
2023-04-17 Scholarship Subcommittee to invite Wikimania Scholarship coordinator to communicate with the fourth eligible person for permission to give details to WMAU.
2023-04-17 EO to schedule review a HR policy for March 2024 (in Asana)
2023-04-17 EO to arrange for catering to be paid for this event
2023-03-20 EO to book flights and accommodation as soon as possible to secure prices
2023-03-20 Offer contract renewal verbally and speak to Irene in payroll.
2023-03-20 Add all events to Wikimedia Australia website calendar
2023-03-20 Formal Thank You to Caddie for her enthusiasm and time supporting this project.
2023-01-16 Alex to submit the ESEAP conference report to WMF on Meta.
2023-01-16 Alex and Kelly to form the WMAU Wikimania scholarships subcommittee and recruit one more member.
2023-01-16 Belinda and James to announce this to Community asap, and James to do active communications via email and the Australian Noticeboard between now and the due date.
2023-01-16 Belinda to confirm with James, Bunty, Peter and Jeremy for Sat 18 & Sun 19 February and set up the planning day.
2023-01-16 Belinda and James to draft the purpose, terms of reference, invitation and proposed members/organisations, agenda, timeline
2023-01-16 Belinda to circulate Jumbunna draft report, committee to give feedback on the document by COB Friday 20 January 2023 - from that develop project plan regarding metadata
2023-01-16 James and Belinda to draft First Nations project proposal to be workshopped via meetings with NSLA organisations with submission deadline of mid-February
2023-01-16 James to organise draft WMAU agreement for the Record Wikimedian in Residence at SLQ for review by committee
2023-01-16 Belinda to approach ACMI for a meeting to discuss a Wikimedian in Residence or Intern co-funding related to the Goddess Exhibition
2023-01-16 We need to provide a formal response and feedback. Consult with Kirsten and Nathan re next steps following their report.
2023-01-16 Committee to review and comment
2022-12-19 This needs to be loaded to the Conference Report template
2022-12-19 Draft a set of criteria for level of funding of organisational partnerships, eg interns, W-i-R, etc by January meeting (Pru, Belinda, James). Add to opportunities page:
2022-12-19 Mid-term grant report is due 15 January 2022. Belinda and Pru to finalise by 15 Jan. Ratify at committee meeting on Mon 16 January 2022.
2021-10-18 Caddie to accept quote and set up all meeting sessions, and clarify responsibilities and deliverables from Patrick who will revise the plan, and that 50% payment in two installments. Caddie and Alex to discuss survey with Patrick Caddiebrain
2021-10-18 Caddie to finalise proposal with Australia council and bring back the committee for approval Caddiebrain
2021-10-18 Alex and Caddie to discuss comms issues and work out a proposed way forward Caddiebrain
2021-10-18 Meeting with Jumbanna Institute early November Caddiebrain
2021-10-18 Bunty Will contact to suggest wikidata workshop with prizes Bunty
2021-10-18 Committee members to review the Facilitators Policy and comment on the document for discussion at the next meeting All committee
2021-09-20 Caddie to format submission on letterhead and Alex to email to Caddiebrain
2021-09-20 All committee members to review the Wikimedia strategy. All committee
2021-09-20 Caddie to contact facilitators and get back to committee with proposal and quote. Caddiebrain
2021-09-20 Bunty Will contact to suggest wikidata workshop with prizes Bunty
2021-09-20 Amanda to suggest Wikdata Census tool, once there is information on it, for consideration by HASS RDC IRISS project plan currently in development. AmandaSLawrence
2021-07-19 Sam to implement and Caddie to add to future minutes. Sam will also demonstrate a possible ‘action’ template. Samwilson
2021-07-19 Caddie and James to continue to work on content redevelopment. Caddiebrain
2021-07-19 Caddie and Pru to upload and submit by 30 July. Caddiebrain
2021-07-19 Caddie to update the above changes and circulate Caddiebrain
2021-07-19 Tom to follow up
2021-07-19 Sam and Caddie to test out options for formatting new recording system Samwilson
2021-07-19 Caddie coordinate development of a brief for a Census Tool (2 - 4 weeks work) - even a slide pack mocking up what we think it might look like. Caddiebrain
2021-07-19 Caddie to work on Facilitators document and present at next meeting Caddiebrain
2021-06-21 For agenda: discuss crisis management both internal and external issues. Risk management is not only a communications issue. TomH
2021-06-21 Set up meeting with Tom, Pru, Caddie and Mike to clarify project scope. Caddiebrain
2021-06-21 Sam and Caddie to test out options for formatting new recording system. Samwilson
2021-06-21 Amanda to contact some possible organisations about our capabilities relative to similar projects as Wiki Scholar and other relevant topics/issues. AmandaSLawrence
2021-04-19 Coordinate development of a brief for a Census Tool (2 - 4 weeks work) - even a slide pack mocking up what we think it might look like. Caddiebrain
2021-04-19 Sam to create and let Margaret know. Done. Samwilson
2019-12-09 Robert to publish minutes as approved.
2018-09-17 List of financial members to Tom.
2018-09-17 Posting issues and questions to committee in the next 2 weeks (via email).
2018-07-09 Clarify requirements from Morgan and report back to committee (Pru) - email from Delphine
2018-07-09 Grant Report format and pages in CommWiki - Tom and Sam - Sam waiting on information from Michael B on configuration of
2018-07-09 Tom to update procedures re changing of committee members in light of new CAV TomH
2018-07-09 Remove the names of previous account holders, Andrew Owens and Steven Crossin from the Wikimedia Australia, Inc Westpac account -issues with printer to print out the minutes needed to do this (ongoing)
2018-07-09 Treasurer to organise additional card with Westpac - per above
2018-07-09 Pru to start email conversation.
2018-07-09 Sam to contact Miraheze. Samwilson
2018-07-09 Tom will commence further conversation about moving events to past events and ways of indicating of reported events. TomH
2018-07-09 Tom write up for next AGENDA. TomH
2018-07-09 Sam add SLWA events to -- [[Image:Yes_check.svg|15px| ]] '''Done''' Samwilson
2018-07-09 Tom get a report from Jeremy TomH
2018-07-09 Wikimania materials: A4 handouts, stickers.
2018-07-09 Reports outstanding
2018-07-09 Record prospects and activities on comm
2018-07-09 Steve set up Google form for next meeting Steven Crossin
John to investigate email notifications for deposits into our account, to simplify communications on received payments.
Brianna to write up secretary workflow for accepting memberships on.
Brianna to send a draft of the initial email to the committee mailing list.
Brianna to set up a discussion list for members with members-only archives.
John to start a wiki page that lists possible uses of funds that benefit members.
John to update the committee about this next meeting.
Brianna to contact Chuq re: his committee involvement.


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