Meeting:Committee (2023-05-15)

Committee meeting

15 May 2023

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

  • Present: Alex, Amanda, Bunty, Jeremy, Pru, Kelly, Tom (and Belinda)
  • Apologies: Peter

Meeting opened: 5pm AWST / 6.30pm ACST / 7pm AEST

Previous meeting

Decision: That the minutes of the Monday 17 April 2023 meeting be accepted
Moved: Alex; seconded: Pru; outcome: approved

Matters arising

Wikimania scholarship

MOTION : That Wikimedia Australia endorse the recommendation of the Scholarship subcommittee and grant 2023 Wikimania scholarship to Amanda Lawrence.

Decision: MOTION: That Wikimedia Australia endorse the recommendation of the Scholarship subcommittee and grant 2023 Wikimania scholarship to Amanda Lawrence.
Moved: Alex; seconded: Kelly; outcome: approved via email 26 April 2023
Notes: Jeremy Ludlow and Amanda Lawrence did not participate in the discussion or vote


Jack Nunn, Sam Wilson and Thomas Shafee joined the meeting at 8pm AEST for 15 minutes to address the STARDIT proposal and answer questions from the Committee. Jack is open to feedback and suggestions on the attached proposal. Link to Proposal: STARDIT Version 1 Proposal for Wikimedia Australia V3.pdf

Motion: WMAU provides in principle support for STARDIT web hosting for 2 years, with a report annually to assist with determining whether to undertake a longer-term partnership in the future. Regular reports will identify and articulate the technical capacity and ongoing costs, allowing WMAU to monitor risk, size, projected growth and budget implications. WMAU acknowledge this as a partnership of benefit for Wikimedia Australia, STARDIT and the open knowledge movement.

Decision: Support STARDIT web hosting for 2 years
Moved: Alex; seconded: Pru; outcome: approved
Action: Belinda to write formal letter to Jack confirming committee approval and contact Sam to arrange

Matters for discussion

Community Engagement activity 2023

Document circulated by email to gather ideas and identify preferred option.

Partnership with Macquarie University to conduct focus groups with First Nations readers and editors

Prof Bronwyn Carlson from Macquarie University has undertaken focus group research with First Nation people about being online and using social media. We met to discuss our proposal around First Nation Focus Groups/Community consultation phase to inform the WMAU Committee and community. Dr Carlson is preparing a proposal in response, advising on how to proceed and costs. She suggested our estimate of 50 participants is a good number, and providing participants $100 for their time is standard now. Looking to develop methodology and questions by end of June 2023, and undertaking Focus Groups in July 2023.

Proposal and quote to be circulated when available

Motion: That WMAU approves in principle support for a First Nation Focus Groups/Community consultation phase led by Macquarie University pending final approval following full proposal details.

Decision: That WMAU approves in principle support for a First Nation Focus Groups/Community consultation phase led by Macquarie University pending final approval following full proposal details.
Moved: Amanda; seconded: Bunty; outcome: approved

Strategic planning 2023-2024 follow up

  • Summary document of Strategic Planning day - This document now contains a list of actions for each session
  • Business Plan for Year Two with action items - The actions have been documented and mapped to the strategic plan, along with responsibilities, deliverables/outcomes, and suggested time lines.

Executive Officer's Report

ESEAP Hub Interim Steering Committee

The Hub Interim Committee is working through the model outlining roles and responsibilities which will be released as a draft for community consultation and comment at the ESEAP Community Meeting on Sunday 14 May. The Interim Committee will review the community’s feedback in June, along with focussing on planning for the election process.

Belinda is working with Vivien Chang (WMF), Joyce Chen (WM Taiwan) and Yop Rwang Pam (Senior Movement Strategy Specialist in Community Resources) to develop a budget and look at the grant process.

First Nation Wikipedian in Residence at SLQ

Bianca, our First Nation Wikimedian In Residence commenced on 11 May as part of The Record project. James will train her in editing on Wikipedia and adding images to Commons, and we look forward to supporting her through her residency.

Wikimania Scholarships 2023

Thanks to Scholarship subcommittee members Alex and Kelly. Fourth scholarship confirmed. Communication with all scholars is now underway.

Events planning 2023

  • WOMEESA - 26 May, 30 June - all online sessions
  • Aus Music Centre (AMC) - 4 May online
  • ACMI - 12 May in person editathon
  • 1Lib1Ref - 1 June online
  • First Nations SLQ editathon - 22 June (tbc pending venue availability at SLQ)


List of past, current and potential Partnerships is updated in Asana. This Spreadsheet now linked to Asana, and contains a tab for upcoming events.

News from reciprocal memberships

Creative Commons Australia advises that whilst our membership application remains in processing at CC Headquarters in the US, that for all intents and purposes Wikimedia Australia should consider themselves a member of Creative Commons. Membership of CC Australia chapter involves inclusion on the Mailing list. They have also agreed that they support our two organisations working together on resources that reflect Australian copyright law and Creative Commons licensing.

Social media report

April statistics

Total followers as of 30 Apr, 2023

  • Twitter: 2909 (up by 56)
  • Facebook: 1831 (up by 5)
  • Instagram: 295 (up by 12)
  • Linkedin: 162 (up by 0)
  • YouTube: 32 (up by 1)
  • Announce monthly newsletter: 450 (previous stats unavailable)

In April, on Twitter we made 16 tweets and were mentioned in 26. We posted 4 times on Facebook, 4 times on Instagram, 3 on Linkedin, and added 11 videos on YouTube.

All of the WOW 2021 videos were added to our YouTube channel and have already gained 85 views collectively.

On our WMAU website we published 2 news stories:

Treasurer's Report

Profit & Loss Statement since last meeting:

  • Profit and Loss Statement April 2023 was presented
  • Balance sheet April 2023 was presented
Decision: That the Treasurer's Report be accepted
Moved: Alex; seconded: Pru; outcome: approved

Secretary's Report

  • One application presented for admission. The committee decided to not accept the application at this time.
  • 59 annual membership renewals were sent out on 1 May 2023, due 30 June 2023
  • As at 10/5/2023 26 renewals received, 33 are outstanding


Global activities

  • ESEAP community meeting held Sunday 16 April to discuss the Declaration Statement on the Creation of the Wikimedia ESEAP Regional Hub before its publication to Meta.
  • WMF Annual Planning Process (APP) held on Sunday 30 April at 0600 UTC incorporated the ESEAP meeting.
  • Wikimania dates: 16 - 19 August 2023 in Singapore
  • ESEAP pre-Wikimania meeting proposed for 15 August 2023 in Singapore
  • Wikidata conference Taiwan in October 2023

National activities

  • Wiki Research Roundtable satellite event at the ADM+S Media and Communications Symposium, Tuesday 11 July 2023, University of Sydney

Local activities

  • Perth Meetup - Sunday 21 May 2023: A satellite event coinciding with the Wikimedia Hackathon being held in Athens, Greece.
  • Sydney Meetup - Sunday 25 June 2023: Belinda and James will be visiting Sydney over the weekend and have initiated this meetup to enjoy friendly conversation, food, and drink with Sydney's Wikimedians.

Meeting closed: 9.00pm

Next meetings

  • Next Community meeting: Wednesday 14 June 2023
  • Next Committee meeting: Monday 19 June 2023
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