A decision is any notable agreement reached by the Committee during a meeting. They differ from Resolutions in that the latter are larger-scoped more declarative statements of WMAU purpose.

Decisions are documented within meeting minutes by use of the {{decision}} template.

Date Decision Outcome Moved and seconded Link Notes
2021-09-20 That WMAU approve and submit the open access submission Approved Alex, Pru
2021-09-20 Financial audit and BAS lodgement support (moved by email, 15 July 2021) $556.60 approved Pru, Tom
2021-09-20 Insurance renewal Aon $1,171.58 inc GST; Executive Officer monthly invoice: $2515.00 approved Paige, Alex
2021-09-20 That the Treasurer’s report be accepted. Amanda, Tom
2021-07-19 That WMAU adopt the automated Decision Register and agenda restructure. Tom, Alex
2021-07-19 That WMAU make the newly developed website skin public. Accepted Alex, Tom
2021-07-19 That WMAU adopt the Crisis Communications Plan drafted as Appendix 3 of the Communications Strategy and the above amendments suggested by Kerry. deferred for new committee
2021-07-19 That WMAU accept and submit the final report Amanda, Alex
2021-07-19 * Financial audit and BAS lodgement support (moved by email, 15 July 2021) $556.60
  • Executive Officer monthly invoice: $3900 (larger due to five week reporting period)
Tom, Alex
2021-07-19 That the Treasurer’s report be accepted. Amanda, Tom
2021-06-21 That WMAU adopt the Communications Strategy as drafted and publish it as PDF on the WMAU website under Governance. Accepted TomH, Canley
2021-06-21 That WMAU purchase a bundle of hours worth $3000 from Ramen Studio based in Sydney to undertake communications work as per the Branding Brief. Accepted TomH, Pru.mitchell
2021-06-21 That WMAU contract Mike Dickison to develop GLAM Training Modules to the value of AUD$3000. Accepted TomH, AmandaSLawrence
2021-06-21 That WMAU extends the number of Wiki Loves Earth prizes of $100 from 10 to 15 for 2021. Accepted Canley, Pru.mitchell
2021-06-21 That WMAU accepts RMIT student James Gaunt as an intern for 15 days from July 2021 to be managed by the Coordinator Community Outreach and Engagement with support from the President and Treasurer. As part of the Volunteer Support Program, that James also be given a grant to the value of $1800 to develop an intern program and other administrative support. Accepted Pru.mitchell, AmandaSLawrence
2021-06-21 Community Support and Outreach Coordinator monthly invoice: $3,840.00 Approved Pru.mitchell, Canley
2021-06-21 Caddie Travel to Sydney for First Nations Edit-a-thon 10 July (per diem only, no accommodation required): $102.34 Approved Pru.mitchell, Canley
2021-06-21 That Wikimedia Australia appoints Caddie Brain as Executive Officer for fixed term 12 month position. Accepted Canley, AmandaSLawrence
2021-05-17 Cancel 11 August community meeting due to Wikimania. Approved Canley, samwilson Wikimania begins on 13 August.
2021-05-17 The WMAU Zoom account details with be shared with approved facilitators. Approved AmandaSLawrence, Canley Caddie to work on facilitators document and present at next meeting
2021-05-17 WMAU will participate in Wiki Science 2021. Approved Pru.mitchell, Canley Pru to let Ivo know WMAU will participate.
2021-05-17 Committee approves the deployment of WMAU skin when ready. Approved Canley, Pru.mitchell Consider engaging a designer, and getting user feedback.
2021-05-17 Pay for catering at Newcastle University Library event. Approved Pru.mitchell, Canley
2021-05-17 Up to $300 for the Art+Feminism Laptop Stickers grant application. Approved Pru.mitchell, Canley Application: Art+Feminism Laptop Stickers. Carolyn is requested to post at least 2 social media photos of people with their stickers.
2021-05-17 WMAU approves in principle partnership with University of Newcastle for use of facilitation of volunteer contribution of significant photographs to Commons with metadata up to $3,000 under Engagement with GLAM and Wikidata program. Approved Pru.mitchell, AmandaSLawrence Reporting: At least two media stories about the work including Wikimedia Australia before 31 July 2021. Documentation and/or presentation about the process, issues, pros and cons.
2021-04-19 That be established as an WMAU email address and is added to the wle-au-team email address. Approved Canley, samwilson
2021-04-19 WMAU COmmittee approves Coordinator to commit up to $1000 on stickers - design to be approved and distribution of stickers Approved Amanda, Alex
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