Meeting:Committee (2023-10-23)

Committee meeting

23 October 2023

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

  • Present: Elliott, Emily, Tom, Peter, Jeremy, Amanda and Belinda
  • Apologies: Kelly, Bunty

Meeting opened: Monday 23 October 2023 5pm AWST / 6.30pm ACST / 7pm AEST

Previous meeting

Decision: That the minutes of the Monday 18 September 2023 meeting be accepted
Moved: Amanda; seconded: Tom; outcome: approved


President's Report

Talking: 2024

Amanda and Belinda to meet with Maryanna Iskander WMF CEO as part of her community engagement project. “Over the next few months, the Community Affairs Committee, senior leaders at the Foundation, and Maryana will be available to ask: what is on your mind about consequential events taking place in 2024, about the Foundation's annual plan, or our longer-range priorities?”

Consequential events taking place in 2024 (e.g., critical elections, a movement charter, enforcement of the Universal Code of Conduct, compliance requirements for the Digital Services Act, and how to respond to lawmakers around the world who are concerned about the impact of digital technologies on society); our annual plan supporting 2030 movement strategy objectives of knowledge equity and knowledge as a service; longer-range questions to secure our projects for generations yet to come;

Wikimedia loves science

Email invitation to participate in Wikimedia loves Science. See above in Communication.

Treasurer's Report

Decision: That the Treasurer’s Report be accepted.
Moved: Peter; seconded: Emily; outcome: passed

Secretary's Report

Membership report

September: 1 new membership application

Matters for Decision

Banking requirements

The following signatories are confirmed and will have online administrator banking access: PETER NEISH (Treasurer), KELLY TALL (Secretary), AMANDA LAWRENCE (President), BELINDA SPRY (Executive Officer), CAROLE-ANNE BROOK (Accountant, KeyAdmin). There are to be at least three signatories listed on the account: President, Secretary & Treasurer, in addition to Wikimedia Executive Officer and Accountant

The following signatories apply for Wikimedia Australia Incorporated bank accounts:

  • BSB 033-341 Account number: 594901 to keep operating rule 2 to sign for transactions
  • BSB 033-341 Account number: 620321 to keep account operating rule as any 1 to sign and keep card facility

New signatories/administrators: Peter Neish (Treasurer) and Kelly Tall (Secretary)

All other signatories/administrators other than those listed above to be removed; namely: Pru Mitchell (previous Treasurer), Alex Lum (previous Secretary), Robert Myers (past Treasurer), Gideon Digby and Thomas Hogarth.

Decision: The WMAU Board approves the above described banking arrangements.
Moved: Peter; seconded: Tom; outcome: passed
Action: Sign and send to the bank

Safe Spaces Policy

The DRAFT Safe Spaces Policy (May 2023) comments and changes have been resolved. Set for annual review or as required

MOTION: That the WMAU Board approves the Safe Spaces Policy, put in place the necessary procedures, and update the policy on the Wikimedia Australia website. DECISION = Moved =Tom | seconded = Amanda | outcome = passed

Action: WMAU staff to update on website and inform facilitators/trainers and community.
Action: Add to policy review list.
Action: Look at options for summarising.

WMAU Partner Projects funding program 2023-2024

The Board and EO have reviewed and updated the Partner Projects funding program and propose a public call for applications for 2023-2024 based on the model for the program which ran last financial year. The budget has allocation for Partner Projects of a total of $30,000. There is also specific funding for a First Nations residency in a major institution of $10,000. Following on from the successful partnership grant program run earlier this year we propose running another program with final project reporting due by May 2024. A selection subcommittee will be formed to review applications and make the final selection. This will including WMAU members outside the WMAU Board.

Decision: That Wikimedia Australia run a Partner projects grant program for 2023-2024.
Moved: Amanda; seconded: Emily; outcome: passed
Action: WMAU staff to publish promotional materials and call for applications
Action: Establish Project grants subcommittee with terms of reference (Amanda, Peter and Belinda and 2 WMAU members).

Travel Scholarships for WikiCon Brisbane 2023

There were 3 applicants for the WikiCon Brisbane 2023 community conference. One was ineligible as they were an international applicant.

Eligible applicants: Person A - $1153 Person B - did not provide an amount (but indicated accomm/flights from Melbourne, so potentially minimum $1000)


Recommend that the two applicants should receive funding for travel to WikiCon Brisbane. Scholarship holders to book flights and submit tax invoices for reimbursement by 30 November 2023.


Total amount not to exceed: $3000

Decision: Approved
Moved: Elliott; seconded: Emily; outcome:
Action: WMAU staff to notify scholarship recipients and follow up before 30 October 2023.

Banners on English Wikipedia

Camille de Nes from the Fundraising Team at the Wikimedia Foundation has contacted Belinda with an offer for WMAU to be featured on the [Thank You page] for Australia through December. This is the landing page after making a donation to WMF. Suggested wording (based on a similar previous campaign for Wikimedia Sweden): Wikimedia Australia is a local, legally independent association that works with the Wikimedia Foundation to support Wikipedia and other free knowledge projects. Learn more about Wikimedia Australia and their projects here. It aligns and supports our Strategic Plan - Capacity Building, specifically underpinning 3.2.2 (monitor key data/activity/impact) and 3.2.4 (geo-notice banners).

MOTION: That WMAU Board supports the inclusion of WMAU on the Donor Thank You page for donors based in Australia, during December 2023.

Decision: That WMAU Board supports the inclusion of WMAU on the Donor Thank You page for donors based in Australia, during December 2023.
Moved: Amanda; seconded: Elliott; outcome: passed
Action: Belinda to liaise with Camille to facilitate.

Approved by Email

WMF rapid grant application

James Gaunt has advised that he will be applying for the next round of WMF Rapid Grants to create a Wikipedia course on Wiki Learn. He has discussed this with Asaf Bartov and Melissa Guadalupe Huertas who will support this. Draft Proposal.

The next round closes on 31 October 2023 and he has requested support from WMAU. James Gaunt estimates it will take three-four months to create and launch the course.

Support for development of training resources aligns with following strategic objectives:

2.2.b.1- Prioritise promotion and facilitation of training to regional communities & organisations, and

3.1.2 - Develop and release training resources for contributors.

Decision: That WMAU Board support James Gaunt's application for the WMF Rapid grant, and provide $2000 funding.
Moved: Bunty; seconded: Amanda; outcome: passed
Action: Belinda to liaise with James Gaunt to support his WMF application

Matters for Discussion

WikiCon Brisbane 2023 18 Nov The Conference Room at Punthill Apartment Hotel Spring Hill

Action: Publish the program as PDF and HTML on WMAU and promote via all channels.

Board Strategic planning meeting - Sunday 19 November, Brisbane

A draft agenda for the planning meeting has been set up based on the previous meeting. Aim to review and plan the Wikimedia Australia Action Plan 2023-24 based on Year 2 of the Strategic plan

Comments and suggestions: Working group for Strategic Plan and confirm Moderators

Action: Develop discussion questions and priorities for each session - working group
Action: Belinda to prepare background reports

Related events in Brisbane after the weekend of the conference include:

  • Citizen Science conference CitSciOz23 on the Sunshine Coast. 21-23 Nov (CitSciOz23 Wikidata Workshop - Alex and Amanda. Pre-workshop on Monday 20 November at University of the Sunshine coast
  • RezBaz 21 - 23 Nov at UQ
  • AIMOS 2023: The fifth annual conference of the Association for Interdisciplinary Metaresearch & Open Science (AIMOS)

Executive Officer report [FOR NOTING]

ESEAP Preparatory Council

ESEAP Prep Council are establishing internal roles, teams and tasks. Dody has submitted an application (as an addendum to ESEAP conference 2024 application) to WMF, for a three day in-person event in early February 2024 to progress work on the ESEAP Hub. This will include the grant plan proposal for the actual ESEAP Hub, finalise the Roles & Responsibilities document, and also the Hub’s funding application and supporting documents (Theory of Change, etc). Documentation from September meeting has additional details.

Superstars of STEM event

The Superstars of STEM concurrent editathons were held on Saturday 7 October in Sydney, Melbourne and online. Those that attended were very engaged and the Dashboard shows great statistics:,_2023)

First Nation Focus Groups

Dr Bronwyn Carlson is pleased with the progress she is making in gathering information through an electronic survey and online interviews. A yarning circle in Brisbane and Sydney was going to be organised, but participants preferred to engage online. Belinda will run a workshop for Dr Carlson and 10-12 of her PhD students on 27 October, giving an overview and introduction to Wikipedia editing, to help provide context. The Focus Group interview phase will conclude mid November.

Data for Australia

Belinda, Alice and Amanda met with Antonino from WMF and had an excellent discussion around the statistics and data that he is able to provide about Australia, specifically the Australian audience and how they use Wikipedia (and other platforms). He is able to include us in future data gathering by the WMF including:

  • an SEO analysis for Australia (for as far as the data allows us to go back for)
  • run an Australia report - probably with more detail in conjunction with the next wave of the brand health tracker
  • Include Australia in the next wave of brand health tracker - we'll circle back on this in Feb 2024
  • He’ll get detail pricing on the qualitative focus group study for Australia
  • Here you can find the DEI researchers spoken about.
  • look into the possibility in getting data around which Australian articles are stubs or have not been edited in some time.

Here are some of the links he shared:

  • The Brand Health Tracker
  • 2020 Global Market Research
  • The Australia deck
  • A Wiki Minute video explainers
  • The Product Flywheel


Franklin Women

Melina Georgousakis from Franklin Women has advised that they are looking at pitching to Abbvie (previous funding partner) for a third round of funding for a Wikipedia editathon/workshop event in Canberra in July next year. Will attempt to engage Ministers for Science and/or women portfolios. Potential to include Sydney location. Franklin Women will consult with us on the final format so it represents WMAU ethos and to advocate for the work we do.

Wiki Science Competition 2023

Wiki Science Competition 2023 is approaching. Ivo Kruusamägi has communicated that Australia is invited to participate this year in this photography competition. Australia did not participate in the 2021 competition and the last time we participated was in 2019: We had one international winner: Given the timing we will promote the international upload form to encourage some submissions from Australia. The standard upload period is November 1st to December 15th, but if we need more time to prepare we could change these dates. For instance, we could start on November 15th.

Events planning 2023

Upcoming events

  • Introducing: Wikipedia - A free online workshop — Thursday 2 November 2023
  • Drop in and Wiki - Thursday 2 November 2023
  • Open Community Meeting - Wednesday 8 November 2023
  • ESEAP Hub 37th Meeting - East, Southeast Asia and the Pacific — Sunday 12 November 2023
  • WikiCon 2023 Brisbane - 18 November 2023
  • WMAU Strategic Planning Day - 19 November 2023
  • Workshop at Citizen science conference - 20 November 2023

See all events on our website.

Social media report

September statistics

Total followers as of 30 September, 2023 Twitter: 3,263 (up by 38) Facebook: 1866 (up by7) Instagram: 434 (up by 39) Linkedin: 216 (up by 10) Mastodon: 121 (up by 6) YouTube: 74 (up by 14) Eventbrite: 45 Announce monthly newsletter: 460 (down by 1)

On our WMAU website we published 3 news stories:


Global activities

  • Creative Commons global summit: AI and the Commons, in Mexico (Elliott attending) 3-6 October 2023
  • Open Access Week (International) from October 23 - 29, 2023, in Australasia 24-27 October 2023.
  • Wikidata conference Taiwan from 28-29 October 2023
  • GLAM Wiki in Uruguay from 16-18 November 2023
  • NDF National Digital Forum in Wellington at Te Papa from 20-22 November

National activities

See events section mentioned previously, and all events on our website.

Next meeting

  • Next Community Meeting: Wednesday 8 November 2023 and Wednesday 13 November 2023
  • Next Board Meeting: 11 December 2023

Meeting Close: 8:30pm

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