Meeting:Committee (2023-04-17)

Committee meeting

17 April 2023

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

  • Present: Alex, Amanda, Bunty, Jeremy, Kelly, Peter, Pru, Tom (and Belinda)

Meeting opened: 5pm AWST / 6.30pm ACST / 7pm AEST

Previous meeting

That the minutes of the Monday 20 March 2023 meeting be accepted.

Decision: That the minutes of the Monday 20 March 2023 meeting be accepted
Moved: Pru; seconded: Kelly; outcome: approved

Matters arising

Wikimania scholarships

Scholarship subcommittee: Alex and Kelly

Decision: That Wikimedia Australia endorse the recommendation of the Scholarship subcommittee and grant three 2023 Wikimania scholarships to these individuals.
Moved: Alex; seconded: Bunty; outcome: approved
Notes: Jeremy Ludlow and Amanda Lawrence did not participate in the discussion or vote
Action: EO to action communication to scholarship grantees (including reporting expectation within 1 month of Wikimania) and coordinate bookings/reimbursements.
Action: Scholarship Subcommittee to invite Wikimania Scholarship coordinator to communicate with the fourth eligible person for permission to give details to WMAU.

HR Policy review

The HR policy has been updated with Professional Development policy (pages 11-12). Circulated for comments and revisions.

Decision: That Wikimedia Australia accept the HR policy and review annually.
Moved: Kelly; seconded: Amanda; outcome: approved
Action: EO to schedule review a HR policy for March 2024 (in Asana)

ADM+S Symposium: Satellite Event - Understanding Wikimedia as a Digital Media Platform

This event is on the ADM+S website at

Request for WMAU to provide catered lunch for approx 20-30 people in Sydney. Estimated at $700 maximum.

Decision: That the Committee approve the proposed catering costs up to a total of $700 for this event.
Moved: Jeremy; seconded: Bunty; outcome: approved
Action: EO to arrange for catering to be paid for this event

Executive Officer report

  • Year 2 - Budget submission complete and uploaded to Fluxx.
  • Strategic planning day report - list of actions being developed from the strategies summarising each of the three sessions.

ESEAP Hub Interim Steering Committee

EO received information from Westpac that advised WMAU can not be a fiscal sponsor due to Australia’s international financial regulations. If the ESEAP Hub is established in Australia that may be acceptable, however Westpac would need further information. If it could be managed as a regular grant within Australia it might be fine. ESEAP Interim Hub meeting on Sunday 16 April discussed other priorities and did not provide an update on other countries who have also offered to provide fiscal sponsorship arrangements.

Events planning 2023

  • WOMEESA - 28 April, 26 May, 30 June - all online sessions
  • Aus Music Centre (AMC) - 4 May tbc
  • ACMI - 12 May in person editathon



Two signed agreements from EOI Partner Projects and in early planning stages. University of Divinity and also QUT are signed and confirmed. Still waiting for two others to sign. Paroo Council are fine with the Agreement wording so waiting for their CEO to sign. ACMI are working with their Legal team and expect an update soon.

News from reciprocal memberships

Open Access Australia are offering 30 minute meetings to their members during May to support open access work. Amanda, Pru and Belinda will meet and discuss our mutual exchange partnership.

Social media report

March statistics:

  • Total followers as of 31 Mar, 2023
  • Twitter: 2854 (up by 68)
  • Facebook: 1825 (up by 9)
  • Instagram: 283 (up by 33)
  • Linkedin: 162 (up by 1)
  • YouTube: 31 (up by 1)

On Twitter we made 38 tweets and were mentioned in 103. Our most popular tweet with 2312 impressions was about “Wikimedia Australia's 15th anniversary”. We posted 15 times on Facebook, 7 times on Instagram, 2 on Linkedin, and added 5 videos on YouTube (Beginners series).

On the WMAU website we published 8 news stories:

  • More Than A Day
  • Know My Name 2023
  • Wikipedia for Beginners video series
  • In support of Trove
  • Three ways GLAM organisations add to Wikimedia projects
  • Wikimedia Australia and First Nations Metadata: ATSILIRN Protocols for Description and Access
  • Wikimedia Australia’s March 2023 update
  • Announcing Our 2023 Wikidata Fellows

President's Report

  • Sent Wikimedia Indonesia a video of support for their third conference
  • Interviewed by WMF for their copyright mapping project

Treasurer's Report

  • 1 new member x NSW (as at 24/3/2023)
  • 1 member rescinded their membership (NSW)
Decision: That the Treasurer’s Report be accepted
Moved: Alex; seconded: Pru; outcome: approved


Global activities

  • ESEAP community meeting held Sunday 16 April to discuss the Declaration Statement on the Creation of the Wikimedia ESEAP Regional Hub before its publication to Meta
  • Next ESEAP meeting: Sunday 14 May 2023
  • Another meeting (WMF Annual Planning Process (APP)) scheduled for Sunday 30 April at 0600 UTC will be incorporated into the ESEAP meeting.
  • Wikimania dates: 16 - 19 August 2023 in Singapore
  • ESEAP pre-Wikimania meeting proposed for 15 August 2023 in Singapore
  • Wikidata conference Taiwan in October 2023

National activities

  • Wikihistories Conference, UTS, two-day symposium being held online on the 8th and 9th of June.
  • Wiki Research Roundtable satellite event at the ADM+S Media and Communications Symposium, Tuesday 11 July 2023, University of Sydney

Next meetings

  • Next Community meeting: Wednesday 10 May 2023
  • Next Committee meeting: Monday 15 May 2023
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