Meeting:Committee (2022-12-19)

Committee meeting

19 December 2022

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

  • Present: Amanda Lawrence, Pru Mitchell, Peter Neish, Tom Hogarth, Belinda Spry, Jeremy Ludlow, Alex Lum
  • Apologies: Kelly Tall, Bunty Avieson

Meeting opened: 4pm AWDT / 6.30pm CDT / 7pm AEDT

Previous meeting

Decision: That the minutes of the Monday 28 November 2022 meeting be accepted.
Moved: Pru Mitchell; seconded: Amanda Lawrence; outcome: approved

Matters arising

ESEAP conference: Grant Report

December report: Evaluation received 53 responses. Reports are coming through from Affiliates and Scholarship recipients on Meta. Scholarship committee to follow up with scholarship recipients.

The report is due 31 January (60 days post event). Given January most people will be on holiday we should aim for before Christmas - Thursday 22 December.

ACMI Partnership 2023

Belinda and Amanda met Lucy Patterson (Events) and Maria (Programming) with ACMI in early December to continue discussion on their Goddess Exhibition (Women in Film) which starts in April 2023 and run until October 2023. Also met with Fiona Romeo from WMF to learn more about options for GLAM sector activities.

Suggestions include edit-a-thons, events, Wikimedia integration in their catalogue and a Wikimedian in residence or interns.

Follow up meetings needed with Data people at ACMI as well as programming people planned for February to discuss activities in 2023 around their major exhibition.

Action: Draft a set of criteria for level of funding of organisational partnerships, eg interns, W-i-R, etc by January meeting (Pru, Belinda, James). Add to opportunities page:

Events planning for 2023

Calendar of events and conferences for 2023. Includes both Wikimedia events and others:


Other events

Region based events

  • Wiki Clubs events or programs

Treasurer's Report

Final budget report

  • In short, WMAU received an AUD $248,825 grant (including 10% contingency) for the ESEAP Conference. The conference cost a total of $264,619.83.
  • WMAU will receive reimbursement for the catering and accommodation costs related to the additional Wikimania Core Organizing Team meeting of AUD $12,050
  • There will be AUD $3,744.83 outstanding to be met from Wikimedia Australia general support grant, which includes the $3,300 approved for additional catering for ESEAP participants to attend the WoW Conference.

Membership report

  • 1 new member (NSW) joined
  • 3 members non-renewed - Belinda has removed from records.
Action: Mid-term grant report is due 15 January 2022. Belinda and Pru to finalise by 15 Jan. Ratify at committee meeting on Mon 16 January 2022.
Decision: That the Treasurer’s Report be accepted
Moved: Pru; seconded: Tom; outcome: Approved

Meeting close: 8:35 pm

  • Next Community meeting: Wed 11 January 2023
  • Next Committee meeting: Monday 16 January 2023
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