Meeting:Committee (2009 January 15)

Minutes of Committee Meeting 2009-1-15.

Opening: Meeting opened at 9:15pm AEDST

Attendance: Brianna (Chair), Brian, John, Liam, Nathan, Sarah (minutes)

Apologies: Nil


Confirmation of Minutes

Resolution Minutes of the meeting held on 2008-12-17 and previously circulated are accepted.

  • Moved: Brianna.
  • Seconded: Nathan.
  • Abstain: Brian and Liam

Carried without dissent

AGM follow-up - treasurer's report


Brian will establish a format for full financial years so

comparisons are possible. Brian will report at a later meeting.

Bank account signatories

Resolution Brianna Laugher, Sarah Ewart, John Vandenberg and Brian Salter-Duke are named as signatories to the Wikimedia Australia account at Bendigo Bank.

  • Moved: Brianna
  • Seconded: Nathan

Carried without dissent


Brian will attend Bendigo Bank and obtain papers for change

of signatories.

Public Officer

The committee discussed the Public Officer (PO) position and whether to replace Brian now that he has been elected to the committee but Brian is happy to remain PO so the committee decided to leave the position unchanged.

LCA Open Day, Wikipedia Day

Brianna and Liam will be attending Brianna will be operating a table at the Open Day and will be giving out promotional material.

Resolution The committee approves Brianna's expenses up to $100 with details to be reported to next meeting.

  • Moved: Brian
  • Seconded: John
  • Abstained: Brianna

Carried without dissent.

Access issues

Outgoing interim committee members

The committee discussed managing access of outgoing interim committee members to committee level communications and decided access to email, committee mailing list and committee wiki would be turned off at the end of January.

Access to WMF Internal

Per [ Access to internal] up to five persons from each chapter's board may be given access to WMF internal.

Resolution Brianna Laugher, Liam Wyatt, John Vandenberg, Sarah Ewart and Brian Salter-Duke are nominated to be given access to WMF internal wiki and mailing list.

  • Moved: Brianna
  • Seconded: Nathan

Carried without dissent.


Brianna will organise access to internal and the chapters wiki.

Inviting non-voting participants to committee discussions

After discussion it was agreed that the committee would invite Gideon Digby and Andrew Owens to participate in a trial process of having non-voting participatory observers join committee discussions. The process will be subject to review 1 May 2009.

Resolution The committee invites Gideon Digby and Andrew Owens to take part in a trial process of having non-voting participatory members, subject to review 1 May 2009.

  • Moved: Brianna
  • Seconded: Sarah

Carried without dissent.

Payment of fees

Resolution: That pending members be given 28 days in which to pay their fees, after which time their membership application is considered expired.

  • Moved: Nathan
  • Seconded: Brianna

Carried without dissent

Face to face/semi face to face meeting

The committee discussed the possibility of an in-person meeting for 28 February - 1 March, possibly with the use of Skype or video conferencing for those unable to attend in person.


Brianna to start a page on the committee wiki for further

discussion and planning.

Backstage Pass

Liam updated the committee on the Backstage Pass program. Discussion to continue on the mailing list regarding the possibility of a gift for hosting the event.


Resolution That Brianna be authorised to enter into negotiations with the Wikimedia Foundation Inc for the establishment of a trademark agreement between WMF and WMAU.

  • Moved: Nathan
  • Seconded: John

Carried without dissent

Wikimedia Chapters Meeting, Berlin, Germany

Brianna updated the committee on the planned chapters meeting to be held 3-5 April, in Berlin, WMAU's participation will be subsidised by WMF and wealthier chapters.

Items deferred

Discussion of three items were deferred:

  1. Open committee meetings
  2. School Science Wiki
  3. Relationship of WM-AU pages on 'meta' relative to our own wiki.

Close of meeting

The meeting closed at 11:03pm.

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