Meeting:Committee (2009 May 04)

Start Time: 8:30pm AEST Attendance: Brianna (chair), Nathan (minutes), Liam, John, Brian. Apologies:

0. Confirm minutes of Meeting:Committee (2009 March 26)
Moved: Brianna, Seconded: Liam, Carried without dissent.

1. The Foundation Grants we've submitted - Grant_Applications
Liam explained that the purpose of the chapters grants was to move chapters up one step from where they are already. We are looking at setup funding.

2. The Progress of the November wiki-conf in Canberra
Liam and Brianna met with Chris a few months ago in Canberra regarding this. Several review points along the way. First point – end of April, milestone – team in place to do various tasks, in middle. Happy and confident to continue.
2nd – May/June – venue and sponsorship setup
3rd – August – registration going
Chris will be busy up until about now. Has more time from now on.
The committee reiterates its support for the event to be held in Canberra

3. Phorm optout
Moved: Brianna, Seconded: Nathan. Carried without dissent.

4. Ownership of is currently being squatted. Brianna has filled out the contact form at auDA. Issue to be resolved by 2 June 2009. Nathan to attempt registration at that time.

5. Followup from Berlin Fundraising survey
Member-contact & privacy policy
Each chapter has been sent a survey about fundraising, to be completed and sent back by the site notice fundraiser guy. Concern among EU chapters about what kind of information we can share with the foundation. Next week, Brian and Brianna are going to PLCH – tax issues for non-profits. Will ask about privacy of donor information.

We are to evelop a policy on accessing memberdb information by committee members as well as a privacy policy.

Nathan to explore Privacy Act in relation to our privacy policy.

6. Report from the 'Unlocking IP' conference & info about our involvement in an upcoming National Peak Body in copyright. [1]
Brianna and Liam went to a conference with legal people and gave a talk. NSW government has given a grant for 5 years in support of the conference. The director of the conference proposed a peak body for public rights in copyright, interested in exploring use and reuse of materials.

Liam is our representative on the steering committee which includes ADA, Creative Commons, DET to set up peak body.

7. Handling of membership enquiries - speed and effectiveness. Item skipped

8.The new Chapters agreement proposed by the Foundation for discussion - [2]
This is to be coped to our own wiki and we will write up concerns. Chapters will form a committee to represent all chapters to the WMF.

9. A Gallery/Museum-industry conference that Liam wishes to run

Subsequent to this meeting planning has progressed significantly. Info at

Liam mooted the idea to bring together reps from various cultural institutions in Australia and meet with reps from Wikimedia to discuss common interests and learn about others concerns.

Liam wants to host GLAM around August, a couple of weeks prior to Wikimania so we can report on it to the Wikimedia.

The foundation has promised at least one staff member to attend. Mathias Schindler may attend. Creative Commons may also support us.

Liam expects 100 attendees – copyright director national gallery and the national film and sound archive.

Canberra chosen as location as main cultural institutions located there.

Wikimedians encouraged to attend as volunteers to help run the event.

Liam has generously offered to pay upfront costs and will seek reimbursement when receipts come in.

After discussion as to costs, the committee moved that Liam Wyatt organise the GLAMwiki conference, subject to budget approval Moved: Brianna, Seconded: John. Liam Abstained, Carried without dissent.

Meeting closed: 10:38PM AEST

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