Meeting:Committee (2009 November 03)

Minutes of Committee meeting 2009-11-03

Opening: Meeting opened at 1930 AEDST; reconvened at 2115 AEDST

Attendance: Brianna (Chair), Brian, John (minute taker), Nathan

Apologies: Liam, Sarah



Confirmation of Minutes

Resolution Minutes of the meeting held on 2009 October 26 and previously circulated are accepted.

  • Moved: Brian.
  • Seconded: Brianna.

Carried without dissent.


The committee discussed issues regarding the ability for the chapter to participate in the WMF fund-raiser

Fund-raising approval in different states

Brian Salter-Duke be appointed the person responsible for the upcoming fundraiser, for the purposes of gaining authorisation from state authorities.

Nathan will assist.

  • Moved: Brianna
  • Seconded: Nathan

Carried without dissent.

CiviCRM training

Wikimedia Australia to contract Andrew Perry of Community Builders for a session of CiviCRM training.

  • Moved: Brianna
  • Seconded: Nathan

Carried without dissent.

Brianna and John noted that a working installation of CiviCRM is a requirement for the training.

Donor privacy policy

The donor privacy policy was referred to the mailing list for discussion.


Rule changes

Rule changes was deferred due to inability to give adequate notice to members before the AGM.


The AGM Agenda is approved.

  • Moved: John
  • Seconded: Nathan

Carried without dissent.

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