Meeting:Committee (2009 October 26)

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Start time: 2030 Australian Eastern #wmau-comm

Attendance: Brianna (chair), Liam (Minutes), Brian, John, Sarah (running late).

Apologies: none

Absent: Nathan



Resolution Accept minutes of previous meeting, Meeting:Committee (2009 July 26).

  • moved - Brianna
  • seconded - Brian

Carried without dissent.

Gideon Digby as observer on the committee

Resolution That we continue accepting Gideon as a non-voting observer participant of the committee until it is dissolved (at the AGM)

  • moved - Brianna
  • second - John

Carried without dissent.

Date of AGM

Options are Saturday 21 November, Sunday 29 November. Noted that there has been no known feedback from the community indicating a preference for either date.

Resolution In order to maximise time to allow people to nominate to the committee, vote and arrange meetups, but also to be within the legal time-frame to have the AGM, the 29th of November is set as the date of the Annual General Meeting.

Chaired from: Melbourne Start time: 2pm Eastern Time Linkup method for other locations: Skype and IRC

  • moved - Liam
  • second - John

Carried without dissent.

{Sarah joined meeting}

Grant payments

Brian reported that he is in discussion with the WMF about repayment of overpaid chapter-grants. Discussion is ongoing.

Membership numbers

Noted that we have currently 27 paid members but many more non-financial members (applied but not paid or members who have not renewed their fees).

Discussion about the MemberDB system of tracking memberships. Agreed that it is difficult to know your own status and therefore there is a large number of non-financial members who, potentially, think that they are fully registered.

Noted that in order to participate in the AGM a member needs to be financial one working week before the date of the AGM. Therefore, the last day to pay outstanding membership fees is Friday (20th November).

{Brianna leaves meeting, Liam takes over Chair}

WMF chapter grants

there are were five approved grants - printing, wiki-conference, board development, conference stalls, GLAM-WIKI. [1]

GLAM-WIKi grant is fully used and accounted for. Printing partially used. Conference stalls and development currently unused. Noted that both printing and development grants will likely be used soon after the AGM for new stationery and an in-person meeting of the committee.

Wiki-conference grant was not used as the proposed event, a November WikiAcademy/Conference in Canberra was canceled.

Resolution Brian write to the WMF asking to defer the wiki-conference grant, to be revisited next year, and to be either used for a similar event or returned. Acknowledging that this was not the intention for the grant but that it is the preferred option given the circumstances.

  • moved - Liam
  • seconded - John.

Carried without dissent.

Items deferred

  • update - server migration of the WM-au website.

Close of meeting

Meeting closed 2200.