Meeting:Committee (2010-01-30)

Start: 11:30am Australian Eastern 30 January 2010, Swan Hotel, Richmond.

Attendance: Brianna (chair), Liam, Sarah (minutes), Steve, Brian, Andrew.

Apologies: none



Resolution: Accept minutes of previous minutes.

  • moved - Steve
  • seconded - Andrew
  • CWD

Treasurer's Report

Steve provided the committee with a treasurers report, totals as follows:

  • Bank balance as at November 27, 2009 (last balance detailed) - $19,087.60
  • Income - donations, memberships, interest etc - totals $665.24
  • Expenses - refund WMF, transaction fees, etc - totals $8436.58
  • Paypal - Transferred January 29, 2010 - totals $122.42
  • Current balance (after paypal) $11,438.68

The committee acknowledged receipt and acceptance of the report.

Committee retreat expenses

The committee discussed expenses related to the face-to-face meeting. Receipts for travel and other retreat related expenses were received by the treasurer and reimbursement approved for the following:

  • Liam - $167.00
  • Steve - $245.66
  • Andrew - $500.00
  • Sarah - $51.37

Other retreat expenses:

  • Venue hire - $25.50
  • Printing - $9.90
  • Thank you gift for facilitator - $26.33

Total additional expenses: $61.73

Printing - Business Cards

At the January 17, 2010 meeting, the committee approved expenditure of $434.50 for 5,000 generic business cards, suitable for all committee members and future committees. Steve reported to the committee that he had received the cards and distributed them to committee members. Surplus stock remains in Steve's possession.

Update bank signatories

The update of bank signatories was discussed. At the December 20, 2010 meeting, the committee resolved to replace former interim treasurer John Vandenberg as a signatory with current treasurer Steve Peters. Paperwork has been obtained for this.

Berlin Chapters Meeting

The Berlin Chapters Meeting was discussed. The committee deferred discussion pending further information from the organisers regarding the number of people chapters may send and the amount of financial assistance available.

Powerhouse Museum

Liam informed the committee prior to the meeting that Powerhouse Museum have requested he provide general Wikimedia training. They have offered payment for the training. Liam asked the committee to provide advice and instructions on how to proceed and how any payment of funds should be managed in respect to his conflict of interest as Vice President of Wikimedia Australia. There had already been discussion related to this issue on the committee's mailing list and the discussion continued and was concluded at the meeting. Liam abstained and left the room while the committee discussed the matter. It was unanimously recognised that Liam's work with Powerhouse Museum has been very positive but there were concerns expressed regarding conflict of interest. The committee agreed that Liam should proceed with the requested training but due to his position as Vice President and the chapter's existing relationship with Powerhouse Museum, payment should be processed through the chapter. Committee members agreed that this was a unique situation and would not be treated as a precedent for any future requests.

Resolution: The committee supports the endeavour of Liam Wyatt in relation to the provision of training on behalf of Wikimedia Australia to the Powerhouse Museum. For the conduct of this training, Liam is requested to seek payment in favour of Wikimedia Australia Inc. The committee will then pay the presenters the sum of 75% of the funds received.

  • moved - Steve
  • seconded - Brianna
  • abstained - Liam
  • CWD

Meeting closed 1pm.

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