Meeting:Committee (2010-01-17)

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Sunday, January 17 - 6pm (NSW/Vic), 3pm (WA) for 6.15pm/3.15pm start.

Meeting Start: 18:33 AEST



Attendance: Brianna (Chair), Liam (minutes), Andrew, Steve, Brian

Apologies: Sarah


Resolution: That the minutes of the meeting 20th December, 2009 are accepted.

  • Moved: Steve
  • Seconded: Liam
  • Abstain: Brianna
  • CWD


  • Financial

Steve reports that Paypal account has a total of $123.42 received through donations and that the chapter's Bendigo Bank account has $11,316.26 in credit. Since last financial report this includes 4 new memberships - 3 full and 1 student.

  • Membership - skipped due to Sarah's absence
  • Correspondence - skipped due to Sarah's absence
  • Tech - not supplied.


Resolution: That Brianna be reimbursed costs of $114.16 for AGM conference call.

  • Moved: Steve
  • Seconded: Brian
  • Abstain: Brianna
  • CWD

Arrow green.svg Action: Steve to prepare cheque to this effect in time for the January F2F meeting.

Presentation of quote on new business cards

Having agreed at the last committee meeting that a quote should be obtained for the printing of new Chapter business cards of a 'generic' nature to provide flexibility, Steve presented quotes from 2,000 cards for $368.50 to 5,000 cards for $434.50. Discussion ensued of relative merits of ordering a larger number of cards for lower per-unit cost or a smaller number for a lower total cost. It was noted that the difference between the smallest and largest quote was $65 and that 'generic' cards can be used by all committee members and also subsequent committees.
Resolution: that Steve order 5,000 generic business cards as per received quote.

  • Moved: Brianna
  • Seconded: Liam
  • CWD

Arrow green.svg Action: Steve and Brianna to liaise over design and check proofs, Steve to order final printing when agreed. The timing of this should be, in preference, in time for the "F2F" meeting.

Face-to-Face (F2F) meeting

Brief further discussion and confirmation of travel costs etc relating to the F2F meeting. All committee members claiming reimbursement have sent receipts to Steve for preparation of cheques and are requested to bring hardcopies of receipts to the meeting. Repayments to be made as per approved use of funds at previous committee meeting.

Meeting end: 19:23