Meeting:Committee (2010-02-25)

Start: 5.15pm Australian Eastern 25 February 2010, #wmau-comm.

Attendance: Brianna (chair), Liam, Sarah (minutes), Steve, Brian, Andrew.

Apologies: none



Tech report

The committee accepted a tech report from volunteer systems administrator Andrew Garrett, who reported completion of the following work:

  • Moved all services except the mailing lists to new hosting provided by Linux Users Victoria.
  • Set up a Wikimedia Australia DNS server.
  • Normalised mail accounts to be forwards to appropriate member addresses.
  • Maintained mail accounts, mailing lists, wiki configuration per requests.
  • Set up CiviCRM to prepare for member management and the 2011 fundraiser.
  • Performance tuning for the MediaWiki instances.
  • Created an official Wikimedia Australia bug tracker, in order to track and manage requests of the technical team.

Andrew also outlined his plans for the coming months as follows:

  • Move the mailing lists to the new hosting.
  • Continue to maintain mail accounts, mailing lists, and wiki configuration as required.
  • Investigate the use of CiviCRM for member management, and support its use in the 2011 fundraiser.
  • Have the domain transferred to WMAU control.

Resolution: The committee accepts the tech report.

  • moved - Brian
  • seconded - Liam
  • CWD

The committee also discussed the issue of the domain name, which is still registered to Angela Beesley. It was informally agreed that the domain name should be transferred to the chapter.


Brianna will ask Andrew Garrett for more information on the domain transfer.


None at this time.

Amendments to rules

The committee and members have previously discussed the possibility of making a number of changes to the rules of incorporation. The committee has drafted some ideas for rules changes. It was decided that Brian would cleanup the notes page in preparation for moving it to the official wiki.

Small Grants Scheme

Liam suggested increasing the upper limit for the small grants scheme from $100 to $200. The committee discussed the program and decided to keep it at $100 for the trial and review it at the conclusion of the program. The program is open to applications from March until August and the committee has allocated a total of $500 for the trial. The committee approved the draft of the program and it was decided to move it to the official website and that Brianna would announce it to the members. See Small_grants for more information.



Steve advised the committee he has appointed an auditor:

John Mason
Audit Partner
Adams Kenneally & White - Chartered Accountants
PO Box 485
Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

All residential addresses of committee members have been provided for the fundraising forms.

Fundraising Summit 2010

The Wikimedia Foundation has proposed a fundraising planning meeting between the Foundation and Wikimedia chapters. Wikimedia UK has offered to host the meeting in the UK. The committee agreed that Wikimedia Australia should participate in the meeting but this would depend on availability of funding. It was also agreed that either Brian or Steve should represent Wikimedia Australia.

Innovative Ideas Forum

Brianna has been invited to speak at the National Library's Innovative Ideas Forum on 16 April 2010. This year's theme is "how technology is changing cultural institutions and the visitor experience, and how people integrate technology into their lives". The National Library has offered to cover a return airfare and up to two nights hotel accommodation. All committee members supported Brianna's participation in the forum.

Educational Technology Solutions magazine

Brianna was contacted via LinkedIn by Bianca King, Assistant Editor at Australian Media Group, regarding the possibility of writing an article for their magazine, Educational Technology Solutions. The magazine, published bi-monthly and distributed to over 6,000 schools around Australia, is the largest publication of its kind in Australia.


The committee decided that Brianna would ask Nathan or Pru if they were interested in writing the article.

British Museum

Liam has been invited to participate in a "Volunteer Wikipedian in Residence" pilot project at the British Museum in the period leading up to Wikimania this year. Committee members support Liam's participation in this project.

Treasurer's report

Steve provided the committee with a treasurer's report, summarised as follows:

  • The balance at 30 January 2010: $11,438.68
  • Income since 30 January 2010: $50.10
  • Expenses since 30 January 2010: $1398.53, with all cheques presented.
  • Bank balance as at 25 February 2010: $10,090.25
  • No paypal transactions. Current paypal balance: Nil

Resolution: The committee acknowledges and accepts the treasurers report.

  • moved - Brianna
  • seconded - Andrew
  • CWD

Meeting closed 18:45pm.

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