Meeting:Committee (2011-11-20)

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  • Attendance: John (Chair), Anne (Minutes), Charles, Craig, Graham, Laura, Brian (Observer)
  • Apologies: Nil
  • Absences: Nil
  • Observer: Siska Doviana, Executive Director, Wikimedia Indonesia, joined the meeting and was welcomed by the Committee

John linked to the committee meeting agenda.


Motion: That the Minutes of the October committee meeting be accepted.

  • Moved: John
  • Seconded: Laura
  • Support: Anne, Charles, Craig, Graham
  • Carried without Dissent [Log: 12:05]


Election Report

The Committee discussed the completed Election Report and supported its publication on the public wiki for discussion by the members on Sunday 4th December. Some copy-editing of the recommendations was recommended prior to publishing it as soon as possible.

GLAM Update

Discussion on the November edition of the GLAM newsletter, which covered the ongoing project on the history of the Australian Paralympic movement. A remarkable 'breakthrough' tells of Paralympians reading the text of articles with Chris Nunn reading the first Wikipedia 'spoken article'.

GLAM newsletter

Membership Report

There have been no new WMAU membership applications received since the October committee meeting.

Implementation of Proposal:Non-member participation is ongoing. Our account approvers are in the process of developing procedures and approving new accounts. Regarding account approvals for non-members on the public wiki - our team advise that since its commencement, six accounts have been approved; three applicants have been rejected (reasons attributed to 'spam'); and there are some twenty requests in the holding queue pending additional information.

A question was raised seeking clarification on whether the account approvers are unencumbered in their choice of procedures for approving accounts. John confirmed that they have full control of the wiki and advised that they will be expected to verify the identity and suitability of new accounts, and familiarise themselves with the applicable laws when required before making decisions.

Incoming Correspondence Report

We received five enquiries since the last meeting - issues are copyright; request for help regarding fundraising donations (credit card usage; private address usage); and one miscellaneous enquiry. Craig enquired as to the status of one of the enquiries and was advised there was nothing further.

Finance Report

Craig advised that he has been focusing on the audit of our accounts, and that contact has been made with several Brisbane-based accountancy firms regarding the audit and that we are awaiting replies.

Further, that advice will be sought from the relevant NSW government agency on this matter.

Brian advised the meeting that Consumer Affairs Victoria require the audit results fairly soon; and that the fundraising documents have been handed over to Anne.

Recent Changes Camp (RCC) 2012

Laura advised that the dates for the RCC in Canberra would be 20th - 22nd January 2012. It was proposed that we find a volunteer who has previously attended an unconference to act as the event facilitator for Open Space. The organisers may wish to work with any potential facilitator to access funding for facilitation from WMF. The venue will be known later this month.

The call for applications is now open.

John sought a further status report on the RCC by the end of the month and Laura confirmed publication of an update by that time.


Estimated future costs

The following motion had previously been canvassed for support by the committee, which was given in the affirmative, which then brought the matter to the committee meeting with the following motion.

Motion: The committee approves Gnangarra's estimated travel and expenses of $333 for outreach in regional WA, to be reimbursed on invoices provided to the Treasurer.

  • Moved: John
  • Seconded: Laura
  • Support: Anne, Charles, Craig, Graham
  • Carried without dissent [Log: 12:32]

Public Officer

The Resolution:2011 change of public officer, as amended, was noted and given support by the committee. The words added by the amendment - "to take effect from Sunday 27 November 2011."

The full text of the resolution is as follows: "Recognising that Brian Salter-Duke has served as the Public Officer of Wikimedia Australia Inc. since its establishment in 2008, the organisation accepts Brian's desire to vacate this position and thanks Brian for his dedicated service. Wikimedia Australia resolves that Anne Frazer is appointed as the Public Officer of Wikimedia Australia Inc. to take effect from Sunday 27th November, 2011." The motion was carried without dissent.

Brian explained that extending the date of change to 27 November allows him to submit the Rules changes; and provides John with time to notify Consumer Affairs Victoria of the change in Public Officer; and so ensure no delay or confusion caused by the change in Public Officer.

Concerns raised about conflict of interest were explained by Brian who advised that he was the Returning Officer at the October 2011 elections and recommended in his Election Report that the Returning Officer be elected by the committee in July of each year. He also spoke of the need to select an individual who will not stand at the election.

Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) paperwork

John thanked Brian for his Public Officer progress update on the status of the CAV paperwork. Brian reported as follows:

1. The Rule change report should be ready for mailing first thing next week.

2. The Annual Report is awaiting an audit of the accounts.

3. All fundraising paperwork for New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria is already handed over to Anne. Names have to be provided to Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) for police checks.

The meeting sought to clarify if fundraiser forms needed to be submitted this year in lieu of no direct funds from this year's fundraising and it was confirmed that some forms apply for several years so best not to cancel existing applications. Brian advised that the NSW fundraising authority runs to mid-2012; Victoria is active until December 2012; and others are active in perpetuity.

Regarding police checks, everybody who is responsible for fundraising needs to have a police check. This can mean the whole committee but not necessarily. John and Craig underwent a police check in 2010. For those that have not had a police check a signature is required on the consent form, which is available by download, and then sending the signed form to Anne.

4. We need to report the change of Public Officer.

Bank Signatories

Craig advised the meeting that Charles and Graham have now been provided with the information they will need to set up as account signatories, and that he has sent the Bendigo Bank form to Anne so that all signatories, deletions and additions can be updated.

John asked if there were any questions arising and Graham responded by seeking clarification on the date by which the task had to be done; and Craig responded that it should be done as soon as possible. Craig explained that the paperwork couldn't be lodged until their details are on file.

Brian explained that he intends to pass his bank security token to Anne and in the meantime we will enquire into the bank's acceptability of transferring tokens.

Grant Agreement and Budget approval

Craig gave a progress update on our Grant Agreement and the global fundraising currently in progress. Donations will be collected by WMF and Australian funds will be distributed as per our existing agreement unless we make further inroads into the latest grants agreement currently pending appraisal by WMF lawyers.

John spoke to the need for a resolution to be crafted requesting the approval of the WMAU budget by the WMF.


Gnangarra's proposal

Advice has been received from Gnangarra that he is currently preparing a program with an partner to run workshops from December 2011 through to March 2012. Funds are required to get presenters to and from the venues, however, cost reduction is anticipated where local people do the workshops.

Discussion favoured support for the program as it is important outreach work , and discussion took into consideration possible funding avenues from both the budget and the WMF Grant Advisory Committee.

It was suggested and was supported by committee that a teleconference should be organised with Gnangarra to cover the final details and funding arrangements.

Ada Camp Melbourne

The Ada Initiative is a US non-profit organisation supporting women in open technology and culture, and Ada Initiative Australia has been set up to provide administration for the first summit to be held in Melbourne on 14 January 2012. Ada Camp Melbourne is a one day regional summit for women in open technology and culture specifically aiming to build community, discuss issues that women have in common across open technology and culture fields, and find ways to address them. Sponsoring this event can improve our outreach to women contributing to free culture.

The organisers are offering sponsorship and in turn - recognition as an event sponsor in email to participants prior to the event; verbal recognition at opening and closing sessions; display of a poster or banner at the event; distribution of one page of material to event attendees; and recognition as a sponsor on the event website.

Moved: That Wikimedia Australia will be a major sponsor for the amount of $2500 for the Ada Camp Melbourne to be held on January 14, 2012.

  • Moved: John
  • Seconded: Charles
  • Support: Anne, Craig, Graham, Laura
  • Carried without dissent [Log: 13:05]

Non-Member Small Grants

As an interim measure, and due to current time constraints, a preamble has been added to the resolution on a small grant application.

The preamble is as follows: 'Recognising that the members' discussed on 6th November a willingness for the committee to accept non-members into the small grant program, Resolves that, the committee approves Bevan Jarvis' application for a $200 small grant...'.

At a future date the Committee will discuss at greater length the status of non-member small grants. Previous committee's have in earlier times passed resolutions that we would review the small grants program. John indicated scheduling a review of the small grants proposal for the January public meeting, and that in the meantime we document all of the past small grants, and seek feedback. The committee were supportive of this plan.


General Discussion

John spoke of the need to move swiftly through the remaining items on the agenda and if necessary to carry over any items not addressed at the meeting.

Small Grant reports received from two members

The background to this item is that successful applicants are asked to write a brief report for the members and while we do not publish them on the members' mailing list, we could establish a 'small grant reports received' page on the public wiki.

Discussion on this item pending; carried over to a future meeting.

WMAU Newsletter

Laura offered to created an 'Aussie' newsletter on Outreach in the next few weeks. 2012, Ballarat 16-20 January

On the committee's behalf Charles is to contact LCA to enquire about conference details and the Saturday 'open day'.

Charles responded to a discussion by advising that the Linux conference is generally run by a committee which comprises Linux Australia and the Local User Group; in this case the Ballarat Linux Users Group.

In previous years WMAU have run a stall on the open day; WMAU need to obtain materials for these occasions. Committee discussed canvassing the WMF for free materials. John indicated that when attendees are known we may have time to procure materials and that a budget is available for this purpose.

Wikimedia Chapters' Monthly Reports

John advised the meeting that Laura has started to write the monthly report based on the GLAM reports, which is correct, and that Laura is committed to producing the reports.

Laura posted links to the September, October, and November Chapters Reports, and John advised the meeting that the committee are welcome to add the non-GLAM information to the Chapters Reports on Meta.

Thank you Brian

Craig moved a motion of thanks to Brian on his retirement from Wikimedia Australia and expressed the committee's gratitude for his many years of exemplary service in the committee positions he has undertaken over the years; also as returning officer in elections; and especially and since the establishment of WMAU in 2008 in his role as Public Officer.

The committee wholeheartedly supported the vote of thanks and gave recognition to all the help Brian has offered over the years. We wish him well in his retirement.

Meeting closed

1.30 PM AESDT [Log13:32]

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