Meeting: Committee (2012-10-28)

The committee meeting of 28 October 2012 commenced at 22:14 (AEDT) and concluded at 23:06 (AEDT).


  • Attendance: John (Chair), Charles (Minutes), Craig, Graham
  • Absent: Laura


The Chair moved that the Minutes be accepted.

Motion: That the Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 22 September 2012 be accepted.

  • Moved: John
  • Seconded: Graham
  • Support: Craig, Charles

Carried without dissent [Log: 22:16]


Membership Report

Skipped due to recent change in Secretary.


John or Craig to provide Charles with access to CiviCRM.

Incoming Correspondence Report

Two emails:

  • "local Wiki contact" - Oct 12 - donation inquiry - initial response done; follow up response needed.
  • "Wikipedia Complaint Question" - Oct 12 - initial response done; follow up response needed.

to be handled by Graham

Finance Report

The Treasurer tabled the Xero October 2012 Management Report, which was accepted.

WMAU Program Activity

Volunteer Support Programme

Motion: That the Small Grants Programme is ended as at 28 October 2012, and the Volunteer Support Programme is enacted in its place.

  • Moved: Craig
  • Seconded: Charles
  • Support: John, Graham

The Small Grant for Liam Wyatt, was previously informally endorsed via email.

Motion: That the Small Grant for Liam Wyatt at the Sydney October Editation be approved.

  • Moved: John
  • Seconded: Charles
  • Support: Graham, Craig

Other discussions

The committee held a discussion on the topic of the minutes for the 2011 AGM.


John to get the minutes up to an acceptable standard for presentation at the 2012 AGM.

The committee discussed the status of the financial audit. It was noted that Anne had advised the committee by email that she had received correspondence from the auditor to advise that they were ready to approve the 2010/11 statements within the week. Craig advised that it was possible but unlikely that the 2011/12 audited financial statements would be ready for the upcoming AGM. John noted that he believed it was not necessary to present an audited financial statement at the AGM under the act, as the chapter was not a prescribed association (definition). Craig agreed with John's opinion, but expressed a view that the accounts of the chapter should be audited even if not strictly required.

The committee held a discussion on the best method for conducting the annual general meeting scheduled for 25 November, whether to use IRC, a teleconference, or both.


Charles to start a discussion with members on their preference between IRC, a teleconference, or any other options.

Meeting close

Meeting closed at 23:06 (AEDT).

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