Meeting:Committee (2013-04-24)

There was a committee meeting on Wednesday 24 April 2013, starting at 6:42PM (AWST).


  • Attendance: Craig, Kerry, John, Steve, Graham, Ross (observer)
  • Apologies: Charles (observer)
  • Absences: Nil

Minutes of meeting on 6 April

That the Minutes of the meeting held on 6 April be accepted

Carried without dissent


Wiki Loves Monuments

The committee discussed Wiki Loves Monuments, and reaffirmed its position that it has no plans to participate in the event this year due to a lack of resources; it was also decided that it would not be a high priority in the short term. However, it was noted that there is nothing stopping individual members from taking the initiative to work on it.

Wikimedians in Residence

There was discussion of a relevant email from Asaf Bartov that Craig had recently forwarded to the committee. In response to the email, it was decided that the proposal be clarified to emphasise that the institutions contribute a significant amount of the funding for the Wikimedians in residence.


For John to make those changes


For Craig to organise a conference call including Asaf, John, Craig, Kerry, and perhaps Steve

Conflict of interest policy


For all committee members to review Steve's conflict of interest policy draft by the next public meeting on Sunday 5 May.

It was decided to hold another short meeting on Wednesday 1 May at 8:30PM EST, mostly to discuss this conflict of interest policy.

Minutes for March meeting

John noted that the minutes for the March meeting had not yet been published. He had made some comments on the talk page that should be acted on before publication.


The meeting was closed at 7:37 PM.

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