Meeting:Committee (2014-03-23)

  Wikimedia Australia Inc.
Sunday 23 March 2014, 18:00 AEDST

Meeting opened at 6.19pm



  • Present: Steven Zhang (President), Gideon Digby (Vice President), Andrew Owens (Secretary), Michael Billington (Treasurer), Robert, Charles, Pru
  • Observers:
  • Apologies: Craig Franklin (observer), Kerry Raymond (observer)
  • Absent: none


Discussion of minutes from the previous meeting.

That the Minutes of the February committee meeting be accepted.
  • Moved: Steven
  • Seconded: Charles
  • Carried without dissent

Action items

  • Business cards - Charles is ordering Andrew's and Gideon's tonight ahead of Berlin. Others are being sorted in the next few days.


Finance report

  • Current position (in cash): $80,166. See File:2014-03 Wikimedia Australia Inc. - Cash Summary.pdf
    • Historical adjustment of $910.50 has been applied to the PayPal account. This was due to the opening balance being taken from an incorrect date, as well a USD/AUD conversion not appearing in the feed that Xero uses.
    • One donation ($10) was received this month in the Toombul PO Box by Craig, which has not yet been deposited.


Confidence motion

Claims were made in a public forum that Steven Zhang (President) was undertaking actions in relation to the WMAU mailing lists without the support of the WMAU committee. Steven left the committee meeting in order to avoid any perception of conflict of interest, and the committee deliberated in his absence.

The committee notes that Steven Zhang in his role as President has acted with the knowledge and agreement of the committee, and that the committee continues to endorse the actions taken on its behalf.
  • Moved: Gideon
  • Seconded: Robert
  • Carried without dissent

Steven was then invited to rejoin the meeting.

Reimbursement of CAV fees to Andrew

In relation to the paperwork submitted on 26 November 2013.

That the Secretary is reimbursed for $75.20 lodgment fee with CAV upon receipt.
  • Moved: Steven
  • Seconded: Gideon
  • Carried without dissent
Summary of activities for last year for AIS
  • Period is 1 July 2012 - 30 June 2013
  • ACTION - Steven and Andrew to contact Craig, Robert and others to confirm the list of late 2012 activities is complete.
Annual plan - discussion about completed draft
  • Work is largely complete but still needs to be finalised in coming week or two.
  • Following on from the November minutes, the procurement subcommittee formed at the July meeting (which was never announced and never met) was disbanded by the committee for the time being. It can be reconvened at a future time if needs arise.
  • Volunteer Support Program: The committee agreed to increase the maximum limit to $500, and make reporting requirements clear. Reports must be submitted within 30 days unless otherwise negotiated. Payment is in the form of reimbursement for receipted expenses. ACTION: Steven to re-work.
Public meetings

There was a consensus that the system of public meetings currently in effect is not working. Committee are going to trial Google Hangout for the next public meeting on 6 April, given the lack of member engagement/attendance at IRC meetings. Will consult through the members' mailing list.

Travel policy
That Wikimedia Australia formally adopt the travel policy.
  • Moved: Steven
  • Seconded: Andrew
  • Carried without dissent

Pru left the meeting at this point.

Annual plan
That the Committee approves the 2014 Annual Plan, subject to final amendments and community approval
  • Moved: Steven
  • Seconded: Gideon
  • Carried without dissent

General business

Wikimedian in Residence

ACTION: Steven to contact Kerry re WiR.

The meeting was closed at 8.54pm.

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